November 30, 2012

Weekly Loving {4}

The things that made me smile and happy this week

Having one final done
Colder temperatures
Scaring one of my friends
Meeting new people
Having our Christmas tree up
Walmart (don't judge - it's cheap and I'm a student!)
Revolution's fall/winter finale
Criminal Minds
Doggy kisses that I need so much these days
Knowing I will be in Europe in less than a month (wow)
Not having been attacked by a Coyote the other day
Christmas music everywhere including on my cellphone

Hope you had a fun week.
I somehow did. It was a long one though. After any longer weekend, just like last week's Thanksgiving weekend, it is always so much harder to go back to a routine. Any routine. However I did it. I finished one final so I only have three more to go. Yikes. I am slacking off a little with the Christmas cards and gifts these days...I know I should do better. However, I'll be sending out two packages this year. Less than usual but it'll be done. I'm so behind though. Normally I'd be done with all the wrapping and shopping. Oh well. Life got in the way. 

The picture above is from my lovely hometown, Luzern back in lovely Switzerland. I know I just used the world lovely too many times. It's one of those days again today that force me to overuse a certain word for at least three days and then it's over and I overuse another one.  But I digress...I cannot wait to be back there for least to see this very picture in reality!! :) 

Speaking of which...yesterday I learned some devastating news regarding one of my best friends back home. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts. I wish I could be there right now to support her and give her a hug if not many more. It's things like this one that I won't name that make me question my decision to move away and live in California again. However, as I learn on a daily basis there is always a reason behind everything. There's a purpose for everything...and me being over here in sunny and lovely (yes, I know) California while my friend needs me more than ever at the moment is just one of those reasons and purposes that will shape us forever.

Happy Friday!!!

Live in to the fullest people!!!



Amy Powell said...

I always love pictures of your hometown... so pretty!

glad to hear you had fun this week. finish strong! you're almost there :)

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for your friend and her family.
I've also enjoyed Criminal Minds this week! They broadcast old episodes late at night, and new ones on Thursdays. So I record them all and watch them when there's nothing on TV :)

shopgirl said...

Awesome gratitude list Selma! Don't worry I love Walmart too because it's cheap and good for my wallet. I know it sounds terrible but I do miss it. I know people would hate me for saying this but they need one of these where I live.

Hoping and praying the best for your friend and her family.

Sam M said...

Boo-Yeah for having one final done! I bet that feels so good. How long are you going home for?

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

That truly is a lovely picture!

Hope all is well with your friend....hugs!

Krystal said...

gorgeous's so pretty around here these days! hope your friend is ok :(

Ocean Dreams said...

How is your friend btw? Need to be updated. ;)


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