November 23, 2012

Back Friday And Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are still full from yesterday...I sure am! :)

Happy Weekend, or shall I say....Black Friday Mania???

Trust me, I'm ditching much as I love shopping I don't have money right now and even if I did, I want to stroll around without the hassle and knowledge of someone trying to "steal" my items, yell at me, push me, and just make me feel miserable. I wanna go shopping and try things out without endless lines in front of the dressing rooms (because, yes, I try my clothes on before I spend money on them!!). I wanna enjoy shopping. Black Friday is the day that ruins my kind of fun. If you're out there...or have been...have a fun time. :)

Here's something to make you smile (or not). I lol'ed so much I had to share it.
{All via Lacey}


Meghan said...

I am not a Black Friday shopper either! Ugh. Too much stress!

Dree said...

Black Friday shopping is waaay too much stress! I would totally go if I was in the US, though. I love this video!

shopgirl said...

oh! this is too funny! Love it! Thanks girl!

Sam M said...

I normally like Black Friday, but with the sales starting so early, there were too many people out! It was nuts. I did hit up Old Navy later in the day and they were having good sales and most people were done shopping by then.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Usually each year, I'll partake in a little black friday shopping but this year I just said no! Plus the fact that I had to work the next morning at 2:15 didn't help. lol


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