June 20, 2013

Istanbul Greetings

My time in lovely Istanbul slowly comes to an end and I'm eager to get back to Switzerland, then Germany and maybe even some parts of Italy for the remainder of my European summer. However, I am still in Istanbul and still enjoying food, culture, music and lifestyle. It's the little things such as a new cafe or restaurant, the sea itself, or a cat that keeps following me around that brighten my days. I love this vibrant city.

If you have never been I really recommend going. Maybe not today, but one day. It's fun, it's modern and it's just filled with incredible food and incredible history. Ha, I can't stop myself. ;)

So, to keep you busy...I decided it was worth a try to guide you back to a former post of mine, or two posts for that matter. I found one I wrote a year ago (and most of you may remember that one) and I even one I wrote two years ago. WOW. More picture, and more words. Of course. ;) 

Enjoy them both!!

In the meantime...I'll be on Twitter or Instagram!!!


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Leia A. said...

All of your pictures are making me jealous! I want to be in Europe, too! =)

Sam M said...

it just looks so amazingly gorgeous. You'll have to write about what it was like being there during such a history making point in time.


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