June 26, 2013

Kate Spade Gift

My IRL friends know that I am in love with Kate Spade. Actually, my IRL friends don't know that. Just a few very close friends do. The rest of my very close friends have never heard of her name, just because Switzerland is a little behind in that department. However, those that know me know I love KS. Can't help it. I'm gonna buy my third pair of sunglasses in August, and I own pink earrings, and now even a fantastic purple wallet or mini bag. What will be next?!

I posted this on Instagram and got instant likes...guess we all like Kate Spade?!

Thank you, bestie, for brightening my day...I love birthday gifts even when they are belated. :)


P.s. Istanbul update with photos follows soon. Promise. 

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Sam M said...

Gorgeous! I really like your wallet, it's such a great color purple. I saw the most amazing grey kate spade bag the other day at work. I wanted to steal it from the lady, but she might have noticed.

Amy Powell said...

well happy birthday!! and what a lovely gift :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How sweet! I've been known to give a Kate Spade gift or two for birthdays :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You can't go wrong with Kate Spade! What a great gift! Yes, Istanbul pictures soon please! Can't wait to see them!


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