October 27, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - Halloween Edition

I'm halfway done with my semester and it's been a horrible horrible journey. However, each day I try to enjoy life and look at the little things and smile. :) 
This week obviously is making me smile because yes, it is the week of Halloween!!! I just love it. This year we didn't really decorate as much as we did last year and I am not going to dress up either. It is just not that kind of year. However, Wednesday at Zumba I am going to be dressed up just a little and it will be FUN.

So yes my lovelies, my gossip of this week is I am happy that Halloween finally arrived. This means spooky music, scary movies (YES!!), creepy masks and stories...and lots of black and orange and well yes, pumpkins!

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Are you excited about Halloween?
Or not at all?

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Last year I was in Australia and missed Halloween. This year it just snuck up. I'm looking forward to scary movies at least.

I'm sorry school is going so badly. It's impressive that you are able to be so positive, though. Good for you!

Thanks for linking up :)


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