October 2, 2013


This weekend I went to Venice Beach. My friend M and I felt like we needed to be tourists again and go to Venice. It had been years for the both of us so it was fun to walk around and see all the crazies. In a good way though. I like Venice. It's rawness is enriching so to speak. Plus, getting away from the damn bubble we live in is always a must. :) 

 I am an art lover...not sure what to think of this...but hey, it's colorful and it fit perfectly with Venice.

An obligatory beach picture was needed...including palm trees of course. Blog failure on my side basically occurred because I forgot to be in the picture. But we were smart enough to take a selfie of us... :) 

We are aware of the fact that we were matching...our sunburns later on were matching too. :( HAHAHA.

Have a fabulous day everyone.



Something Infinitely Interesting said...

looks so pretty!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love that it's still warm enough in fall for you to wear tank tops at the beach...and I also hate it lol!

I've only been to Venice once!!

Sam M said...

How fun, it's fun to step back and be a tourist in your own area sometimes. Oh man, this makes me excited to go to the beach next weekend.


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