December 6, 2014

Holiday Presents for the Man You Love


Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out what to get your husband or boyfriend for Christmas. They may think they’re easy to shop for, but you know better. You don’t want to be stuck buying them some new socks or another favorite gift card. It’s time to think outside the box and come up with some Christmas gifts that he will love. He’ll be impressed if you take the time to come up with a few gifts that he didn’t even know he wanted. With some creativity you’ll have some incredible gifts wrapped and placed under the tree, and he’ll be eager to open them during the holidays.

The Right Pair of Jeans


Whether he wants a double knee dungaree for when he’s on the farm, rugged, trendy, or casual denim, a variety of styles and colors can be found on G&L Clothing. Find the right pair of jeans for your man that you know will look great on him and make him feel like a million bucks. With so many options to choose from you may even get him a few pairs of jeans, especially if he needs a new pair of two because his existing pairs are ripped.

If you’re not sure what kind of jeans he likes sneak into his closet when he isn’t looking and find out what color he likes the most. If he prefers a darker pair of jeans buy him a new pair, but with a mix of dark and light in a trendy pair he’ll really like. You should also write down his size if you don’t already know it, and remember to read online carefully whether the jeans run small or not. Find the right pair of jeans for him and he’ll feel thankful for your creativity.

A Handmade Gift 


Your husband may not be able to admit that he loves the sentimental gifts, but deep down he loves them most of all. Make him a photo collage of you and kids or come up with a dream box with individual dreams written down on small cards that fit inside. If you’re super creative decorate the box with favorite photos, stickers, and other elements that will make the box stand out. There are also canvas photos that can be made online with a favorite family photo. A canvas photo is easy to hang up in your home and fun to wrap and stick under the tree.

Clever Sports Accessories 


If he happens to be obsessed with sports such as football, baseball, basketball, or NASCAR, it’s okay to buy some accessories that he will absolutely love and use. Whether it’s memorabilia or something he personally can use, such as a new kayak for kayaking, showing him that you support his love of sports will make him feel special. There are also other accessories you can buy him such as a new pair of court shoes, shirts for tennis and working out, and more. Perhaps you’ll even want to attend a live game with him in the near future! If this is the case buy tickets ahead of time for Christmas.

Guest post by Sierra at Simply Sierra blog


Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Well, my husband is not a sports fan and I am awful at crafts, but the jeans are a good idea, and WOW, those boots absolutely rock, so I think I'll look for a pair of fab winter boots as well :-)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

I really like that baseball ring! I bet my hubby would like a football one. :) Thanks for sharing!


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