December 2, 2014

Rainy Random Weekend Update

I have been MIA for the past week. It was a perfect way for me to unplug and enjoy life. I did not touch my computer once. Even though my Thanksgiving didn't turn out as planned it was still a good and long weekend. I think I have not watched this many Christmas movies or just regular films for a very long time. It felt great. I even introduced my favorite person to some films he had never watched. I had to watch a few of my favorites - so thrilled he lets me introduce films to him he may actually like. He liked this one a lot. Granted, he'd prefer action packed, bloody stuff....but well, for this holiday season he decided to go with the simple one; then again, hew as tired from working all week long {even on Thanksgiving} so he just plainly gave in. Haha!

I could go on and tell you about the films I watched but this would end up super long and quite boring. Also, it was constantly raining so that meant I was trapped most of the time watching films until my eyes would not stay open. On Sunday however, I was a happy girl. My favorite person finally had a day off {before his entire week of vacation started} and we decided to go against the rain and see the California Automobile Museum. It was a great way to enjoy a cold and gray Sunday. Plus, when I see cars from 1906 and 1926 and 1938 I get a little much history, so much those cars could tell, that prestige they provide and the elegance they carry with them is just impeccable. Today, cars don't have this beauty about them anymore.

Just looking at these I feel the history coming back and all. I swear, I am definitely born in the wrong decade...or, as I always say, I might as well have lived in the 1930s - hair, shoes, and all.

Time to fix the leaking roof now...wish me luck. 



Krysten Quiles said...

I'm glad Thanksgiving was good for you even though it wasn't how you envisioned it. And I have yet to watch Love Actually this holiday season, which I need to fix asap!

Allison said...

Going off the grid can be the absolute best way to unwind - I don't blame you at all for unplugging from the computer for a bit :) Love Actually is definitely one of my favorite movies ever, but especially at Christmas! Anthony has never seen it, so I'm thinking I'm going to make it happen this weekend :)

Sam M said...

I've been more and more off grid lately. I'm just on the computer at work all the time it feels so nice to not touch it all night/ weekend long.


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