March 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday

My lovelies,
It has been a really lazy and quite boring weekend. I wanted to do so much but ended up in bed, slightly sick, totally exhausted, and also playing some computer games. At least they distracted me. Also, I saw a doctor yesterday due to this stupid bump on my left hand. It's nothing harmful but it has been bothering me. I cannot do yoga the way I used to. Stretching my left hand is practically impossible. It hurts. The doc said it's just in a horrible place but nothing I should worry about. If it grows or gets worse than yes, I should worry. Good to know. Anyways, I digress. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Whether or not you celebrate {I'm not, but I'm still wearing a green sweater} I hope you are having a great day. There's a few awesome deals out there today which doesn't surprise me. Whenever there is a so-called holiday {Pi-Day included} there is always some sort of a "deal" going on in the shopping world.  Also, with spring break either going on or around the corner {next week for us} deals just sprout all over the place. Happy Shopping!!

Life has been good. Will update tomorrow on my dairy free month; so check back in.

Happy Tuesday, Happy St. Paddy's!!



DT @ Here I scribble said...

I love that picture- makes me wanna go on vacation right now!
I hope your hand gets better soon.

amanda @ as the wine cork turns said...

excited to see how this dairy free thing has been!

The Flynnigans said...

Sorry to hear you didn't have such a shit-hot weekend, again. Hope you're feeling better by now and the rest of your week is good. :)



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