March 23, 2015

Spring Break Time

It is Spring Break Week and although my school days are over, my man can enjoy a week without classes. Plus, as his other half I am making sure he will enjoy time off {even while he is working}. No books, no computer for at least three consecutive days. After that, he can study all he wants {he has an exam the day after the break - who does that; evil professor!!}. I'll be making sure he has a few drinks ready the second he gets home from work, can enjoy a freshly cleaned house, do his stuff and have a fun week. Me? I will be soaking up the sun, changing my hair, switching to my spring/summer wardrobe, and prepping my body for a hot hot summer. Oh, and I will be cuddling with a new puppy. Sadly not ours, but I'm excited to meet a new addition to my extended family. Stay tuned via Instagram!

Happy Spring Break...or well, Happy Monday!


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Elle Sees said...

yay for spring break!! i hope he enjoys his 3 days off. that's awful about the exam!!

Lindsay F. said...

Oooh! How lovely for your man to get a break from class. Scheduling an exam for right after the break is evil, though.

Enjoy your week with him!! Do Post pics of the new (but not yours) puppy. :)


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Look at you being the perfect wife! So adorable!! Have a great week :)

Lindsay said...

I really wish I was on Spring break!! No such luck here, April vacation can't come fast enough!

Allison said...

That professor must not have a life because NO teacher wants a test after spring break. Absolutely terrible.
I'm excited for all the fun time you loves can spend together though. Enjoy every second of it! xo


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