March 20, 2015

Friday Five

It's time to list five things that made me happy this week. 
This was the hardest thing to do, really. I have had a rough week. Not only did my guy work without a break, I also learned my mom was hospitalized. That was quite the shocker. I mean, yes, I knew she had the stomach flu earlier last week and we communicated back and forth via text {we usually skype but she didn't want to do this in her miserable, sick state}. Then, out of nowhere, I see that my texts get barely read and she never responds. Being thousands of miles, a vast continent, and a huge ocean apart makes this situation even worse. The things that stormed through my mind were massive. I had the worst ideas, scenarios, and what not chasing me all week. It was just blah. Finally though she texted today. What a relief...and what a shock, too. At least she's doing better, and they were taking tests. Fingers crossed she gets released today.

So, without further ado...the five things that made my week:

1 -  A long awaited answer to my question.
My mom {finally} texted me back. See above story for further info.

2 - Last week of school for my favorite person and three full days of vacation.
He deserves to get a break from his tough classes. Unfortunately he still has to work and our planned spring break got cancelled. We are both bitter but know this is for the better. Good thing though he gets one day off so we are heading over to see his parents. The day he gets off is between his "school days" and so we get at least three full days off. YAY.

3 - This image I found...

4 - Ellen DeGeneres
Really, when I feel down or hear bad news, Ellen's show picks me up and distracts me so beautifully it's great. Laughter heals. Always.

5 - Stuffed mushrooms
I love food. I love it all. With temperatures rising I had to go lighter. Plus, since I am adding more veggies to our diet, mushrooms were a must. We both loved them. I know many people don't like mushrooms. It's okay. I'm sure you like chocolate and I can't stand that one. :)  Here's how our lovely mushrooms looked a few seconds before I put them into the oven. Yum!

Happy Friday everyone!
Have an awesome day.
I'll be catching up soon...

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1 comment :

Lindsay F. said...

Shitty, that sucks about your Mom. Where abouts does she live? And does she live by herself as well?

Laughter does heal all. Or most. I sometimes have to remind myself to smile more and stop being so bloody serious.

I hope your weekend is better than your week has been and that your mom continues to feel better.



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