May 19, 2015

4 Movies I'm Running to the Theater to See This Summer

Hey it's me, Sierra from Simply Sierra blog! Selma asked me to guest post while she's moving, so I told her I'd be happy to do it! ;) Lately I've been going to more movies than I usually do. This spring (and soon to be summer) has been packed full of fantastic flicks that I just had to see. So far two of my favorites have been The Longest Ride and Insurgent. Big surprise there, huh? ;) I still have to see Furious 7 which I have heard is a tear jerker because of the dedication to Paul. The nice part about this spring/summer is that there are still many awesome movies to come! I love it when finally there are some great movies to see. Here are 4 movies I'll be running to the theater to see. Will you?

1) Pitch Perfect 2

{via IMDB}

Release Date: May 15th

I love a movie where there is a lot of singing, and of course all of our favorite characters are back to sing, compete, and win our hearts with their incredible banter. This film stars three of my faves: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Hailee Steinfeld, and I can't wait to see them singing a new song or two!

2) Jurassic World 

{via IMDB}

Release Date: June 12th 

Can you believe that Jurassic Park originally opened in 1993? I can't and I still remember being totally in awe of this film as a little girl (yes my parents let me watch it when I was 10) and the magic it brought to the screen. I love a good action and thriller, and Jurassic Park brought it all. Starring Chris Pratt, a dinosaur tamer (good luck to him ha ha), I think this film will be magical. Of course the Indominus rex gets loose and all hell is going to break loose! I can't wait to see what happens.

3) Tomorrowland

{via IMDB}

Release Date: May 22nd

Tomorrowland is based off -- yes you guessed it -- Tomorrowland from Disneyland! I guess there isn't a lot about this film so far, other than it stars George Clooney, a reclusive inventor, Britt Robertson who plays Casey and gets to see the magical world, and Hugh Laurie, the dictator of this universe. I love everything Disney so of course I'll be headed to the theater to see this. With great actors and I'm sure a beautiful land, I really hope this film does well. Besides, it has 3 of my favorite actors!

4) Magic Mike XXL 


Release Date: July 1st 

Hello Channing Tatum! Who needs Vegas when you have Magic Mike? J/K, well, kind of. ;) I am guilty of watching these films just because it's sooo much fun watching them dance. Plus, who doesn't love Channing Tatum? Good thing his wife is okay sharing him with all of us, otherwise I don't think the film would be nearly as successful as it has been (besides Matt Mcconaughey who won't be in this flick). However I think Joe Manganiello will make up for Matt not gracing us with his presence. This time around they're headed to Myrtle Beach for an annual stripping convention. Big surprise there? ;) Let's have some fun and enjoy this film this summer!

So did I miss any films? What films will you be running to see? 


Christina said...

I'm with you on all of these! I saw PP2 over the weekend and I'm happy to report it's just as funny as the first one!

Ashley said...


I also want to see Jurrasic World very badly!

Claire said...

I really don't go to the cinema much, I've never seen Pitch Perfect but sound like fun, and Fast and Furious 7?! I just remember the first one haha!


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