August 1, 2015

New Month, New Me

Hello my lovelies,

How has your summer been? You know about mine, and in case you missed out I am going to enlighten you. Spring started out beautifully until I was notified that my mom was in the hospital and despite a great surgery was suffering and deteriorating, so I booked a flight within hours, flew home to Europe, saw mom for three full days and knew that those hours and days were our last days together. I felt it, and I am sure she did too. It was the most devastating, most surreal experience ever and even though I knew that at some point life will end I didn't want mom to leave like this let alone this early. I think I spent May in denial. I knew it happened but couldn't fully grasp its reality. June came along, and with my birthday month I also learned that my body was exhausted from everything I went through in May. I not only lost my mother, I lost my home, cleaned up, organized a ton and yes, did all that by myself. Yes, I had awesome friends helping me out and without their generosity, help, heart, and patience I would not have made it through, but most of the stuff I had to wrestle with alone. July was a whirlwind of emotions. My cousin got married and I flew to Turkey to attend her special day, I had to see a few more friends of mine before I was finally able to fly back home to California. 

I flew home last week. I am home. It was time. I'm finally where I belong. I am with the love of my life, in our new home trying to find my path in life again. Things between us have not changed but I know I have to work on a few things in order to grief accordingly and to move on. My favorite person and I will work on this together and I can already tell you that this will help me heal.

NOW, I took quite a break from blogging. I missed it dearly. I missed this community, and I missed sharing recipes, or my healthy challenges, photos, and life stories with you. Mostly, I missed you! With August started today I decided I needed to get back into some sort of a blog groove. 

So what do you say?! New month, new start, new everything?! 
I'm even updating and working on my summer list - go check it out!!
Oh, and I'm trying to catch up on blog reading as well...does that count towards those six books I wanted to read over the summer?!

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Tobia Nooke said...

Welcome back!
I can only imagine what you've gone through the last couple months and I've thought about you. I am very awed how you handled it all. With all going on there is still lots of life loving coming through and I really hope you find time to grief without any errand to run now. Looking forward to read along.
All the best to you, Tobia

The Flynnigans said...

So happy you are finally back. Music to my ears, darlin. Xo

Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

Oh friend that can be a LOT to handle. I'm looking forward to following along, love <3


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