May 9, 2016

Weekly Hopes {41}

Hi my lovely readers,

I am back. You probably noticed I took a week off blogging. It felt so great to stay away from the Internet. I did post on my FB blog page but that was it. I stayed away from a lot of things last week. Sometimes a little hiatus is needed; it refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and soul. I needed just that, especially with the one year of my mom's passing being so vivid and so real. Today though, today is a new day and a new week and I want to embrace that. With that in mind here's my Weekly Hopes for the week:

1 - Fresh start for anything and everything
2 - More spring cleaning {tossing away products I haven't touched in months or years?}
3 - Approaching new ways in whatever I do
4 - Finishing up two books
5 - Studying more about Essential Oils
6 - Date Night
7 - Sending out mail
8 - Chiropractor appointment {love my adjustments}
9 - Window shopping

My Weekly Hopes vary from week to week. This week will be a mix of education, work and a happier lifestyle. I would like to enjoy every day and live it to the fullest and not worry about a thing; and I believe this week I will just do that! 

What are your Weekly Hopes for this week? Anything exciting you are hoping to happen? 
Whatever this week has in store for you I hope it's going to be a great one!


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