May 11, 2016

Currently {8}

Thinking about: How to save money. It's an ongoing thing. With B still in school we have to calculate parking permits, books, material, gas, and groceries. We save by me not attending any gym or class, by not going to therapy anymore {yay}, by only going twice a month to my chiropractor {instead of every week or every other day...I have come a long way!!}, and by us cutting back a ton on fun. We still have cable which makes me scream every month because its bill is ridiculous...BUT we don't go to the movie theater and we don't eat out often {maybe once a month if at all}. I am still thinking about canceling our cable tv but B is against it as we watch free movies thanks to OnDemand. I have been researching and I am convinced we could save a ton canceling it. Granted, I love my morning and evening news but everything in between I am sure I can find somewhere in all honesty, canceling our cable would be awesome. I think. HELP.

****If you have ideas on this particular thing please let me know!! Please!!! 

Listening: Turkish music. Lately I have been more into my roots and all. It's an on/off thing for me. There are moments I can't stand anything related to my roots and then, bam, I am all over it. All day, every day! Also, despite the music I am also listening to my neighbors' sounds. We have three neighbors, and two of them are beyond ridiculous. One doesn't know how to close a door properly and how to get rid of trash, and one feels it is okay to leave their two dogs barking all. day. long. A dog barks, fine. I have lived with dogs. I love dogs. BUT, when it gets excessively loud and annoying...I am over it and I am reporting the "nice" neighbors once again. Oh, not to mention the screaming and yelling. What on earth is wrong with people?! Get along!

Watching: End of Season Finales and the News. Gotta know what is going on in the world and locally. This is important to me!

Reading: Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall. The book I read last made me choose this book. Well, Amazon told me it may be a great one so I read more about the book and realized it may not bee too bad, and here I am reading it. Just knowing that I am reading again makes me happy because this shows me that I am healing more and more. 

Loving: Snuggle time with my fur babies, but besides the obvious cuteness factor I am also loving warmer weather, great hair days, and the fact that I can cook more "cooler dishes" like pasta salad, rice salad, quinoa salads, and Mediterranean dishes I miss a ton. Just realized there's a theme in my spring cooking here. ;) 
Planning: What to do on my birthday. With B in school, us working, and everything a bit crazy busy we currently have no plans. This drives me insane. HELP! Also, B's best friend is moving up north this summer so that will be awesome. He may even move very close to us {about an hour away} so if that happens I am planning a few meetings, get togethers and what not. Excited about that and really hoping he will move to that closer place because, well, a familiar awesome face is always welcome.

What are you currently up to?!
Enjoying May and the hopefully warmer temps?!


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