May 25, 2016

Five Risks When Using Essential Oils

I have personally used essential oils for months {almost one full year} and researched them for years. I always knew they were special but their true power was unknown to me. Some of my friends and family think I'm nuts having decided to use essential oils for my occasional pains and aches. I, however, feel it's a step forward towards a better me and a healthier lifestyle. These oils aren't only to add special scents to any room. Sure, they do that too but essentially {pun intended} we use them because of their therapeutic grade and power. Who would have thought we would end up using essential oils every single day?! I certainly wasn't.

Now, you can read pretty much anywhere on the internet about essential oils. Different brands, different ways. I chose the company that works for me, and the one I know I can trust. People have asked me how it is possible for me to you use these on my myself and my family when I don't even know their "so-called power"?! All I say is then how can you use OTC or easily prescribed drugs without knowing what's truly in them {and being able to pronounce it all correctly!}? Why are people skeptical when it comes to something natural but jump for the first chemical pain killer or what not in a supermarket?! Hmmm... Regardless of all that, I love my oils. 

Yet, with everything you purchase, not matter the product, there is always a risk involved. Always. And here are five risks when using essential oils:

1. You will feel and notice your family being happier and healthier

Oh yes. It's annoying to get sick or feel the onset of a sore throat. We have all been there. Well, believe it or not we are not popping pills for this anymore {or praying for a miracle}. We rub a couple of oils on our throats a few times a day. Instant and long lasting relief.

2. You will have more energy

You won't be running around places on super speed. Sorry. I wish. However, you will have natural energy. No more sugary bubbly grossness and aftertaste {oh the aftertaste} whose contents we can't pronounce. Why were we drinking those energy drinks before?! I seriously don't know. Convenience, I'm sure.  My stomach always hated me afterwards. Now I have essential oils helping me stay more alert, supporting my overall well being, and acting as a great booster when my body and mind go into this dreaded afternoon slump.

3. Your home will smell better

Yes. I mentioned it before. And yes, it's true. Your home will smell better. Also, we had people over that are allergic to cats and thanks to what I diffused they didn't feel a thing. Also, I'm allergic to cats {not dramatically but I am} and anything else that may cause me to sneeze, get red eyes, and itchy moments all the time...and since I'm diffusing my lovely oils I don't get it any longer and I am oh so happy. So be aware...your home will smell and feel better without doing much.

4. People want to talk to you and ask you questions

People will eventually ask. I have been there. I started researching first, but then I asked. You want to know what may help for a headache other than popping Tylenol or Aspirin or what not. Why? Well, because just like me, you may be fed up with how those other meds make your stomach or body feel. You may not want to pop a pill any longer the questions, yes, they will come!

5. You will notice that you want all of the oils

When I started using essential oils I had specific reasons and aches. I needed something to help cope with my mother's loss, the heavily felt fatigue I felt thanks to that grieving process, and the constant aches and pains that occurred while I was letting myself accept that I had lost one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Doctors didn't know what to do with me. Ha. Go home and rest up. That's what I heard way too many times. Sure, yes, doc I will. Yet, this can't go on like this. Oh yeah, take a pain killer pill, it'll do its job was another suggestion by one of my docs. Okay then. I was jet lagged, frustrated and blahed out. So, I chose to go for what I thought could only make it all worse. Well, like everything in life we take to make ourselves feel better {pains, thoughts, what not} essential oils don't work right away they take their sweet powerful I thought yes, sure I'll purchase a kit and see how it goes. It went so well I had to reorder and then I needed something else because I heard great things about it that may help my super anxiety. After that I needed something else to help me with my digestion and energy...the list went on and YES, I want them all. I really do. Do I have the money at this given moment? Nope. So I won't get them all...but I can tell you this stash is growing and we aren't ashamed of it one bit. Best decision ever made. 

Oh I am sure there are more risks involved. After all, whatever we purchase in life involves some sort of a risk. We buy a new car, new house, clothes, pet, bed, kitchen utensil, OTC meds, and yes, even hair products; there is always a risk involved. That risk is different for everyone but it's there. Same goes with essential oils...they won't attack you, but it may just be that you will want to attack them because you feel and see a huge difference in your life and energy. Best part? Our daily caffeine and soda intake has dramatically decreased which makes us spend less money when we go grocery shopping. Oh, and I don't think we have bought any new over the counter meds in the past ten months...I know we have saved a ton there you might as well, add this to the sixth risk factor. You will save money over time!! Now that, yes, that, is very scary!!! 

Hope you're day is going well. I felt I needed to share my love for these powerful oils with my readers. I'm okay if you think I'm a hippie. I have experienced tremendous success using them and I am so glad I chose to try them out. So, I'm not sorry for posting this today! :)
I have so much to do today...but it's all good, best part? My chiropractor appointment this afternoon. I'm so excited to get adjusted I can't even describe it. Yay.

Have an amazing day!


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