July 25, 2016

Weekly Hopes {52}

It's week 52 and I am still working on Weekly Hopes. Can you believe this? I can and yet I cannot. One year ago {almost} I started with this weekly series. It was a way for me to get back into my life, to find happiness, positive vibes, and to see a future again. It may have taken me a whole year but here I am. I am still working on finding happiness but aren't we all?! There is so much sadness in this world, finding happiness and keeping a positive and healthy mind is crucial these days. That being said, I won't stop this weekly series. I will continue to look forward to each week, each errand, each activity no matter how mundane or tedious. Without further ado...

1 - Picking up my hemmed dress
2 - Giving my fur ladies a bath {chose not to do this last week}
3 - Visiting the mall, well, Nordstrom and Zara to be exact
4 - Cooking all week without going to the grocery store
5 - Be more present {on and offline}
6 - Paying more attention to my physical therapy 
7 - Smile
8 - Continue watching Arrow {I just started, so no spoilers please!}
9 - Getting my Essential Oils order in...so stinking excited
10 - Put make-up on

Yes, you read right. It's been a while that I have put make-up on. I've had an eye infection which pretty much prevented me from applying anything around my eyes. Glasses all day, every day, and no extra stuff around my eyes. I'm not into make-up much but as a girl, I want to look pretty, put together and well, girlie. A little mascara and some blush always adds sparkle to any dull face...so I am hoping I get a few chances this week to make me smile and feel girlie again. Wish me luck!!!

What are your plans for this week? Any Weekly Hopes for you?!

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