July 11, 2016

Weekly Hopes {49&50}

Yes, my lovely readers, I skipped one whole week of blogging. And that even unannounced. It wasn't planned and I hope it won't happen again. Yet, like everything in life some things cannot be foreseen or planned and the same goes with blogging. It's what it is. I'm back and I hope to be around more. I know summer is usually a time I try to stay away from everything and anything. Blogging or simply being online is one major stay away from everything subject but hey, I'll try to pop in from time to time. Promise!!!

With that in mind...I'm going to quickly share what this week looks like for me. Or more, what I would like my week to look like. There's a ton I have to accomplish or get done and I have only two hands and 24 hours a day {minus the time I am sleeping} so we will see...

...my Weekly Hopes consist of:

- no meat all week long {easy for me, not so easy for B}
- pay bills {almost done...waiting on two more}
- get my new dress hemmed
- summer cleaning
- take care of my nails {at home pedi/mani}
- start a new book
- go out for more walks
- a home date {a movie, cute outfit and good homemade food}
- make a summer drink
- laugh more

How's your week been so far?!?
I'm working on a few new things so stay tuned but until then I'll be around as usual.
I sure have missed the blog world.


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