October 17, 2016

Weekly Hopes {62&63}

Hi everyone! 
Is anyone still there? 
I have been absent for two full weeks and honestly I have never felt better. Wow, yes, I just said that. I have to be honest here and tell you that I needed a rest. I needed to figure out if I wanted to continue blogging, if I wanted to continue as Crazy Little World Of Mine, and if I felt okay with whatever decision I was making. Well, blogging has always been an outlook for me to express myself, to share stories, and an interesting and fun hobby. Also, I met the most incredible people through blogging, and I would not want it any other way. When I started this blog years ago I just needed to vent, and needed to find my space. I did.
So I came to the conclusion that it is time to find a new space in the blog world. While I am doing this I will pop up here and there a few times so bear with me. Trying to figure things out and sometimes these things take time. That being said...here's my Weekly Hopes for this week...and the rest of this month I believe {can you believe it's mid October!!}:

1 - Physical Therapy, every single day
2 - Donating all my donation bags {3 so far!}
3 - Deep Clean the bathroom {yes, I clean my bathroom once a week but deep clean?! The horror!}
4 - Manicure
5 - Send a very belated birthday present to my bestie
6 - Make foaming hand soap {saves a ton of money, and I know what I put on my body!}
7 - Try to make homemade applesauce
8 - Watch Hocus Pocus
9 - Educate people on Essential Oils {this is my lifestyle - I use them daily!}
10 - Enjoying cooler temperatures!

Fall has finally arrived in my neck of woods. It rained this entire weekend, and it felt so good! Love seeing leaves change color as well. The first sight I had of a dry leave on the ground I couldn't stop smiling. With cooler temperatures there's a few changes happening in the kitchen as well. I am working on creating a new chili recipe or a new casserole dish. Hearty dishes are so much fun during this time of year. Fall and winter bring cold and flu season along. I have been prepping my household with more fruits and veggies, plenty of fluids and my all time favorite...essential oils. Now, before you roll your eyes and see this as a fad {which most people think it is BUT trust me, it is not to me}, look at it from my perspective. I have seen my mother take up to 25 pill per day for over 20 years. I have had to accept the fact that her pill popping, hardly any exercise and unhealthy life habits ruined her life and shortened her lifespan dramatically. She died too young. Her pill popping weakened her body, her system. I never liked pills. I always believed in a healthy and better lifestyle. If I can help my headache, my sniffles and my upset tummy especially after bad food with something other than a stupid pill {that will over time weaken my system} I will give that a try! And so far, it has helped. Beautifully. So to help us build and strengthen our immune system we are using essential oils. Daily. Why? Because once we get the cold, the sniffles, the cough, the gross flu-like-stuff...our bodies will be ready to fight it off easier and probably faster. My body will certainly be ready, and I won't need pills...it is all about prevention. Last year we did not get sick. We always do. I always lose my voice around November, and B always ends up sick before finals/around his birthday in December. It drives him insane. Going to school and being sick sucks; we all know that. So last year when I didn't know what to do I read up on what I could do in that department. Heck, I can't know without trying, can I?! What did I do?! Started a bit late but still early enough and had our daily prevention regimen down. Every day, no ifs and buts. AND we did not get sick. One day we had this little and odd cough going and we kept using essential oils even more {oiled ourselves up if you wish} and that was it. The next day we felt so much better, didn't need to pop some odd pill we would have had to get from a store anyways, and we were ready to tackle the rest of the season. What amazes me is that these oils do not expire unlike some pill I would easily get over the counter. I am not against modern medicine and I will choose so if nothing works, but first I will use my essential oils.
SO, I am so ready for this cooler, and more wet season!!! Bring it on!!!!!

What are your Weekly Hopes?!
Anything you look particularly forward to?


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The Flynnigans said...

So having said that, are you going to launch a new blog or you're not quite sure what your plan is yet?

I'm barely hanging on. Work days are brutal as of lately, home life is meh - some days are great and others are just awful. But it is what it is and I'm just trying to stay/be positive but even that is tough some days.

If nothing else at all, I'm grateful for the friendships I've grown through blogging. :)



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