October 3, 2016

Weekly Hopes {61}

New week, new hopes and new wishes for this week!!! So let's get started right away.

1 - Less pain {it's back and it's no fun}
2 - Cooler weather!!
3 - Mani-Pedi!
4 - More donations {closet clean up happening for weeks...can you tell?}
5 - Wash the fur ladies
6 - Exercise more {up to 40 minutes now, not just 30 minutes}
7 - Drink more water {I already drink a ton but I need to drink more...wish me luck!}
8 - Send out a few parcels
9 - Create a Dream Board for myself {happy life!!!}
10 - Pumpkin Patch visit!

Let's hope #10 works this week. If not, then next week. Also, our ladies need a major wash. We wash them about every two/three months, and it is time! We wanted to do this last week but my man cut his fingers and we ended up at the hospital {yay, us!} so he couldn't help me wash them and I couldn't do it by myself so we are hoping this week works better. And yes, cooler weather. FALL has arrived! It rained yesterday and apparently hailed too. I had almost forgotten how beautiful rain clouds looked. YES!!!! I love living where I do because our fall here is way better than in Southern California. I can actually wear a sweater and not sweat in it. Ha!

What does your week look like?!


1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

Sorry to hear your pain is back sweetie; hats definitely no good.

Eeeep! Did B end up needing stitches?


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