October 19, 2016

Currently {13}

Thinking about: Thanksgiving & Christmas. I know what we are doing for Christmas but the gifts still need ideas. Thanksgiving? Different story. We may or may not get time off so we shall see how that holiday will turn out for us. And of course, I am thinking about The Blog! Not sure yet what to do with it but bear with me as I am still here and still contemplating...time will tell and I am here today, aren't I?!

Listening: Pandora, or our local radio station online. Or, videos in the background teaching me business basics for my work from home job!

Watching: Heartland Season 10, and then some more TV shows I love! That is if time allows. 

Eating: Fall has started so this means heavier dishes but heavier shouldn't mean unhealthy. I like to add more veggies to any dish, and here and there a different kind of meat dish. Chili, polenta with meat sauce, or homemade lasagna, or a great fall salad...yup, I'm definitely hungry now. It's all about loving what you're eating and being a little more creative. :)

Loving: Cooler, rainy and windy weather!! California has this reputation that it is always sunny and warm, and while it is, there are weeks and months when certain areas in this beautiful state aren't always sunny and warm. So I am super excited about that we had rain over the weekend, cooler and windier weather, and perfect fall weather. I am loving it!!!

Planning: Christmas gifts. I usually start around this time around because I get to shop everything I want to gift ahead of time {and not too early}, wrap everything and have it all ready to ship or put under the tree in December. Plus, I have been lazy thinking about gifts so this post is a great butt kicker helping me out in this department.

So yes, this is my current life lately...
...what are you currently up to?!

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