March 15, 2009

Born and Raised

There are times I hate living in Europe. There are times I love it to death! Right now, it's the latter part that influences and inspires me. I love this area, and the fact that I can be in Italy, Germany, France or even Austria in less than two hours. I just love it. I love having the opportunity at hand and not having to travel like crazy to get to a different country. I love seeing the difference and being able to acknowledge it, too. Living in my part of Europe is the best. Yes, it sounds and maybe is conceited but's the truth.
Where I come from (the city and suburbs) we believe that it is our heart. We never betray it, and never leave it. Even if we decide to live some place else we stick to our place. Our city is our breath, our heartbeat, our blood, our life. We are proud of who we are and where we come from. It's not the regular pride you might be familiar with, it's something completely else. Something impossible to describe. You have it in you. I'm not even sure if you can earn that feeling by moving to our city. We are born and raised with this urge to love and keep that specific emotion in us.
There were moments I thought I lost that feeling but was soon reminded that I can never lose it. Just yesterday, my girls and I went to a concert. It was in our city, and the artist comes from a town about 40 minutes away. He recently moved to our city though. We honor him just for that. We love him just for that...not to mention that his music is brilliant. It's sort of R&B, Soul, Funk...a mixture of almost everything...he uses his voice to clearly describe how he felt while having written his songs and boy, he's got a great voice (especially for a man!!). Sometimes we call him the Swiss Justin Timberlake, just way better!!! ;-) His music inspired me again. Made me believe in my it even more. It's weird I know but I had doubts about what I want in my life (still do sometimes) but that concert sort of gave me hope.
To top my weekend...we spontaneously decided to wake up early on Sunday and head south to Italy! Never ever say NO to such an idea! Never! So, yes, I woke up at 6.30am, and got out around 7.30 just to be in Italy by 9.45. The sun was out (no rain anymore), it was 10 degrees warmer and we were literally on the other side of the border using a different currency! Nice! We had a blast! Lunch we had back in CH, though in the Italian part which is basically still pretty much Italy somehow. The sun was still out and we enjoyed every single second. This again, showed me how beautiful this place wonderfully filled it is with great places, awesome people and a chance to enjoy life as it all comes along.

I sure had wanna do this again some day!!!

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