March 17, 2009


Home to me is where I feel most comfortable, energized, healthy, happy, and like myself. It doesn't matter if it's the same place I live in or was born's where I feel most myself at any given time. This picture was taken last year around August. This wooden bridge with its water tower is one of our city's famous sights. I work just across from that bridge. Walking to work in the morning when everything and everyone is slowly waking up and the sky calmly lights up as well...that's the best moment you can get. At least for me.

The sun just came out. Makes me believe it's warm outside even though it's only like 40 degrees. It might warm up to the lower 50s but who knows. It's just still cold, though beautiful. The grass is recovering from a very heavy winter, birds sing along and some crazy people think it's summer and walk around with short sleeves but the trees with their bare branches let us know it's not over yet...the cold is coming back. Home to me at this very moment!
I'm sitting here writing this and wondering why I'm not getting dressed so I can go outside...
Though well, I rather stay inside and wait a little longer...

...until summer really hits our area and that might take months. Reasons for quick trips to Italy where the sun's out pretty much every day, or longer trips like my next one to one of my favorite places in the western part of the world. ;-) Two more weeks and I'm there. I call it home, too.

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