March 24, 2009

Days Like This

Weekend's over and it's again that time where nothing seems to go right. I'm terribly bored and by that I mean deadly bored. It's just terrible. Can't even describe how much. Though the good side is I had a terrific weekend. Had fun on Saturday until early in the morning and a great time on Sunday, too. I'm actually still full from all the food we sure was worth going and spending the money!!!
Though now, I'm just plainly bored which drives me crazy. I went out today just to get some fresh air but it didn't really cheer me up. I should mention that it's 35 degrees max., and so things right now aren't really appealing at the moment. Looking forward to going away. Now even more than before. Honestly I wasn't really into the whole traveling thing. This is also why I might not return to CA after this trip. I'd love to but I guess I have to sort of stop going so the very next time I'm over there I'm going to enjoy it even more. Who knows.

Days like this...a song by Van Morrison...a great song actually.
Sums up my mood...and the song is one that encourages me to explore more of whatever is out there. Suitcase here I come...this song's going to cheer me up a little, I'm sure.

Nothing right now seems to fall into place...or is it just the fact that I'm bored....????

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