April 4, 2010

Bunny Time!

Happy Easter everyone!

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, it is here. :)
It's not my favorite holiday but I still love it, and I love its pretty and cute decorations and flowery things. Not to mention the bunnies, the cute egg-shaped chocolate (yes, they're cute, but I don't eat them at all!), the colorful baskets, chicks, and much much more. To me, Easter and its deco stuff means SPRING ARRIVED. Granted, in certain areas it may be snowing or raining and in others it may be extremely hot and just more summer than spring like.

I'm sad that I'm not with my aunt and her family and friends back in sunny California though. I know I know it's ridiculous but it was our annual tradition...I'd fly in a week or so before the holiday and stay for about one month and all. Not this year. I'm not complaining it's just that it's weird not being over there this time around. BUT, flights were more expensive compared to last year's and with me not driving anymore it would not have been lots of fun. :(  This way I'm saving money...for sure. Then again, I'm spending lots of it too...haha!

But yes, Happy Easter everyone.
Hope you get to be with family and friends.
Plus, for some of you I hope you won't have to work today and if, I hope it won't be hectic at all.

Here's to Easter...my Sunday inspiration :

 I'm kinda digging Sushi right now. ;)

Happy Happy Happy Traditional Bunny Day!!!
*and yes I know this is a special holiday just like Christmas
but it feels so much better calling it bunny day*


Shelby said...

Hello Hello. Cutttte post. The bunnies are adorable. I totally want one. :) hehe. :) Hope you have a fabulous Easter.

Sam said...

Happy Easter Selma!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Happy Easter! Glad you're having fun!

Mara said...

aw I loooove the bunnies! and I want some of that bunny sushi :) yum yum yum Happy Easter Selma! xoxo

Those Magic Slippers Will Take You Home said...

I like Easter!!!! i liked this blog and i LOVE the pictures you chose for it!

OceanDreams said...

Hey sweetie I hope you had a nice Easter, I too missed my family! We both posted bunny pictures - he he great minds think alike! Hope you are enjoying your trip sweetie!

samnhal said...

Those bunnies are so cute! I want one. I love baby chicks. My husbands parents used to have chickens and when we were first dating they bought a new batch of chicks and they were so stinking cute until they pooped on me, that kind of sucked.

Michelle said...

These photos are all so cute! Hope you had a great Easter!


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