April 13, 2010

We have a Wii and life is distracting us like crazy...

So, here's the thing...I feel bad about not writing. I miss it. Daily. I miss sitting down and jotting down whatever comes to mind. I miss sharing things...even if it's just pictures from We ♥ It! I just miss doing all of this. Don't get me wrong. I love that I don't spend as much time as I probably should online. I love going out and taking the train to the city and shopping and just strolling around with my green tea frappucino in one hand and my camera in the other (if at all). I love just walking...and then going left instead of right or straight and find new buildings and sights that I haven't seen or maybe have but don't remember. So, I'm definitely not missing the internet. I haven't checked my emails for a long time. And when I do I'll find a ton in there. I don't really miss much. I may miss my iPod (yes, which I didn't bring with me), or my stuffed closet (which is going to be stuffed even more...hmmm)...but I certainly don't miss much. I've got it all right here...including an awesome thing called Wii! :) OH YES, we got it yesterday (finally) and can't stop playing with it. :D Awesome!!! And yes, I'm going back and will be buying one too. Just has to happen. Why?! Because. ;)

My uncle's supposed to come to town this weekend, and staying for a few days. We're (without my uncle though) going to the shore this weekend. Can't wait. :) Not that the weather man is going to be nice to us because it may rain that weekend but who cares. Girls' weekend is going to be like a slumber party back in the day. Woohoo.

Oh and yes, I know you all hate me for not posting pictures of my current trip. So sorry y'all. I really want to do this soon...hopefully I can. I haven't uploaded any onto my friend's computer (that's what I'm using because as you may remember I didn't take my laptop with me) because I just don't want to overload her storage space, nor do I want to use her computer as it was mine, because obviously it's not mine it's hers. :) I'm just thankful for being able to use it from time to time. Like today. It's been raining and I cleaned the kitchen, cooked (woohoo), and want to take the trash out but can't. Don't want to get wet. I know it's silly but oh well.
The second mouse is dead. YES. We called the house manager or whatever, and let her know that the maintenance guys need to take care of the hole they always come in. We've been so good with all the food and cleaning and all but they seem to love this place which is unfair. So in order to get rid of them we need to make sure no holes are allowing them to even enter this place.
I know a few of you may think "oh no, don't kill that animal" etc etc...which I would totally agree with you but with mice like these...you need to kill them. Right there and then. If you have a live trap or whatever that's called and try to get rid of them this way, it won't work. They will always return. We've tried it already. No chance. Mice might be small and sorta cute, but they're also clever as hell and know where they found stuff in the first place. Besides, your kitchen can be super uber clean and still they will find stuff and live there and have a giant party at three in the freakin' morning. Not that this bothered us, because we just went to bed that time. But I'm just saying...the best way to get rid of them is make sure all holes are gone, and if they still find tiny holes or whatever to come through they will and then you need to kill those little bastards. I'm still waiting on maintenance by the way...haha.

What else...so yes, don't hate me for not posting any pictures lately...I will as soon as I upload some or find some my friend has on her computer or whatever.
Don't hate me for killing mice, because it's just yuck.
And oh yeah, hope you don't mind my writing today...long and ugly and all but so very me...and well...I guess without a picture.
And, I'm so sorry I haven't commented in a long time...because let's face it...I don't have much time to read blogs or comment on them, not even to write on mine...so bear with me. I have 500+ blogs to catch up on and it might just be that I'll be doing this next month. OH NO.

Bear with me.

Until then, I'm gonna enjoy some more fun times over here...send packages to my place with stuff I don't want to carry with me when I return by the end of this month...and well, I will enjoy the weather, seeing family and friends, shopping, BASEBALL (woohoo), and cheesesteaks...and yes, we have plans to go eat at least one next wekk. Hopefully that happens...our plans have been upside down these days. So, our Japanese cherry blossom festival needed to be cancelled or let's say ignored...because just 20 minutes there would not have been tons of fun. :(

So enough about me and my weird writing or adventures.
Hope you're all doing fabulous. :)
Miss reading your awesome blogs but I promise I will do that again...soon. :D

Happy Tuesday.




Aunt of 14 said...

It's good that you're enjoying life!! I wish I had a Wii...

Shelby said...

Awh, thanks for the update! I am glad you are having fun, running around. My husband and I have been talking about getting a wii. We are moving closer to family & now my niece and nephews will be able to come over more often, and that will be a fun thing for them to have and play with when they come over. :)

Mara said...

wow you're so busy! don't worry it's totally understandable about not writing. Hope you're having a great day Selma!

angela.kolachny said...

you're having fun so keep enjoying it!!!!!!! mmm green tea frappuccinos are amazingggggggg!

wii pretty much rules my life too, wii fit is the best!!!


Annie said...

lady!! i have missed you!
so sorry to have been a bad bloggy friend.
i hope the rest of your week is wonderful!! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

Katie said...

enjoy your time!!!

Simply Me said...

so great to know you're having the time of your life and even though i do miss reading up on your blog daily , the fun you seem to be having makes up for it ..

OceanDreams said...

Glad you are having fun and yay that the mouse is dead! He he, Wii is fun and enjoy yourself girl! I'll write you back soon too. :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ohhh wii's are so fun! I am an amazing wii bowler, but awful in real life. Hope you have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhh, can't wait for you to upload those Philly pics! Have a cheesesteak for me! Mmmmmmm

samnhal said...

We have a Wii and we really like it. I love the wii fit. Although, we put the netflix dvd in and our wii died this weekend. Hopefully we can get it fixed this weekend. I'm glad that you like yours. Hope you had fun at the shore!


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