April 2, 2010

Long hot sunny day...

...I'm definitely exhausted. Today was a very long day...first, we slept in until 9am, then were lazy, babysat for an hour and then basically went out to enjoy a super awesome day at Longwood Gardens. It was great. Not everything was blossoming so it wasn't as awesome as we hoped but it was still a terrific day, and super hot. My tan's improving. ;)

Right now, I look like this bunny though. All curled up in bed, laptop on me and watching Kourtney&Khloe on E! Not sure if dinner's going to happen at all...we had lunch at 4 in the afternoon. :-)  My head hurts like crazy and the aspirin I just took kinda helps me relax and all. :) Finally.
Easter weekend's here and it's been crazy. So much to do until Sunday....
...today all we'll be doing is coloring eggs, tomorrow we're heading out to Atlantic City and some fun outlet shopping or whatever, and on Sunday brunch/lunch with my cousin and aunt, Easter afternoon event at a friend's place and then I think Easter's about to end. Woohoo.

I've been taking pictures but well...no time to upload them at all now...bear with me.

So far I've been enjoying Philly. :)
Had Sushi twice already...last night at Morimoto which was beyond amazing. And, not expensive at all. Ok, I only ate Sushi but spent half the money I would spend in Europe and I ate double and had even some yummy tasting Sake. :) Went Outlet Shopping (but I still prefer Camarillo's), shopping in the city (I love the city), went to Church (oh yes, and if you know me well enough you know that I never ever go, but I decided I wouldn't let me friend down and join her at least when I feel like it - wasn't disappointed but well, it's not for me), cleaned the apartment (kitchen will be done soon) and well just enjoyed being over here.
Oh yes, the mouse is gone now. Dead of course. It got caught in those 432 mousetraps we had in here and yesterday when we came home she was there...lying dead next and on top of that trap. ;) So glad this part is over. Finger's crossed though. Ya never know.

So yeah, that's about it for now.
Hope you all are doing terrific.

Happy weekend. :D




Katie said...

yay for being in the US!

♥ Katinka said...

sounds like you're having an awesome time!!!!!!! love...

J-Diggety said...

I'm jonesin' for a long, hot sunny day here... soon, soon. Spring weather is finally starting to hit, but only in spurts so far. Can't wait for consistently warm days!! Enjoy your adventures... under the covers or out and about!
xoxo J


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