April 21, 2010

Philly update

we ♥ it
Couldn't agree more.
I found this last year on my very own cup and this year I found this on one of my favorite sites. :) Coincidence?! Maybe.

I'm sorry I've been a very bad blogger lately. Never thought I would end up not writing each day or every other day. I don't even want to look and see when I wrote my last entry. Better not. :) I'm still enjoying every single moment I get in Philadelphia and I can now honestly say I am not unhappy about my decision and the fact that I came to this city/area rather than the usual Los Angeles area. Both are marvelous and so very different. Can't and won't compare the two, but I will always have a huge spot in my heart left for the both of them. Dang that sounds like a love triangle story or something :) For sure. :D

So, what I have been up to?!
Taking pictures (and of course not posting them so far...bear with me, bear with me, bear with me...pretty please????!!!! Thanks.), going to baseball games, watching sports on TV, watching movies on TV, shopping (I think I'm done now...no more will I ever spend or use my wallet ...unless when we're in NYC!!!), sightseeing, walking, eating out, meeting cousins, having fun with cousins and friends, getting spoiled in a super fancy hotel, walking through Yale, eating out in Brooklyn, enjoying train rides to the city, and a lot more.
Currently, the mouse situation is under control (I hope), but my right eye has been bothering me for the past 20 hours. I blame it on allergies (I hope again), and the fact that it's soon time to change my contacts. I'm now wearing my glasses and use eye allergy relief eye drops that hopefully will help me. This is the only thing that bothers me here. I never had any problems in California when it came to allergies. The ocean maybe helped. Who knows. Here? I'm suffering. I hate it. So not a lot of fun. I need drugs...haha!!! ;)
But other than that, I'm doing marvelous. My suitcase is halfway packed again, and my bag too...now all I have to do is enjoy my last days in Philly and hopefully leave as planned. :) Hopefully. I keep my fingers crossed. Big time.
You all know about the volcano in Iceland...well, that specific one also affects me. So far it hasn't fully affected me and I feel sorry for everyone out there being stranded at the airport not having a place to stay or go anywhere. I keep my fingers crossed that the situation is going to change soon and everything will slowly go back to normal. Don't get me wrong. I would stay if I could. I just can't. I need to fly back and go back to work. I have 10 more days and I need to fly back. Money is needed but it's not only that. I can't be a "tourist" all the time over here...I need to live life too...with the grown up responsibilities...besides my credit cards need to be paid when I get back over there, and after one day I need to go to work. I already notified them that I know what's been going on and that they need to prepare themselves that I may not arrive as planned and may not start as planned. Due to the new system (which is still very bad and I heard it doesn't make things better but screwed tons of stuff up...so much for new technology!) a volcano and its ash making it difficult if not impossible to travel is not a good-enough reason...so if I can't start work as planned/scheduled and miss days due to this my vacation/off days will be taken out...hmmm...wtf?! Excuse me? It's not like I don't want to return on time. It's not like I'm doing this on purpose?! Not my fault anyway. So I don't get it. I think it's unfair. But yeah, I think I should be use to this...unfair apparently is my biggest enemy these past few months...so yeah, if I don't return as planned they just extend my vacation time and don't call it "emergency" or whatever...oh well.

Other than that I'm doing awesome. :D
I wish I could upload pictures to show you how silly I looked on Saturday. We went to the shore and on our way there we had to kill some time and stopped at ROSS. So my friend A. found this ridiculous leather jacket and made me put it on...with my giant glasses...and yes, a new profile picture was created. :) I looked like a rocker chick. Horrible...but oh well...it's all about the fun, huh?!

Ok, everyone...I wanted to say hello and let you all know I'm still around. :D

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!!




Chloé said...

awww! so glad you posted! that is so crazy about the volcano..i hope you are able to make it home with no problems! it sounds like you are having such a blast right now in philly! i hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation! love you sweet girl!

Sam said...

I LOVE the little things on the back of Starbucks cups!

Can't wait to see all your photos!

Katie said...

hopefully the ash doesn't prolong you too much!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope you can get back in time! Hopefully they'll have everything cleared up with the flights by then! Can't wait to see all your pictures!

Swissy said...

Hey there,
Wow,you're REALLY enjoying life, eh.Lucky you!It all sounds great.So,NYC is the last destination before you return to good ole' Switzerland? Hehe :) I'm sure the planes will fly again by the time you go back.They actually do it already...(Europe at least).Have fun!ivy

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That quote is perfect!

samnhal said...

I'm so glad you're having a good time on your vacation. Lets sure hope that the situation clears up nicely. It seems like from the news anyway that all people who have tickets are getting out fine, it's the ones who missed their flights those few days that are having a hard time. Well, I hope you can go back as planned!

Kristin said...

It IS all about the fun. So glad to hear that you're having a good time!

OceanDreams said...

Hope everything is better now and that the flights are all clear, that is just crazy! Don't worry about not blogging as much, we'll still be here! XO!


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