December 2, 2010


Hi everyone!

Yes, I found quickly time to sit down and write.
Let's see what's been going on...Jet lag's a total b%$#@, because while walking yesterday and trying to soak up some sun my head started spinning...out of nowhere. Needless to say the water bottle in my hand wasn't enough so I had to find a quick and cheap way to get a drink. Non-alcoholic of course, although thinking about it maybe alcoholic would have helped too. ;) So since I was already walking towards Target (love outdoor shopping) I ended up there...needless to say I did not buy what I initially wanted. Ha! However, the bottle of water was new, and I'm proud of announce that I did not spend $100 at that store. That's super special. ;) Because, well, I think there was never ever a time I didn't spend less than one hundred...ha, I spend less than 30 yesterday. I'm sooooooo proud! ;)

Ok, enough about my spending spree...or lack of thereof actually.

I'm doing good. Fighting with occasional jet lag problems (why is it taken me so long this time?!), setting up my phone so I could call people and text and all, walking dogs, playing with dogs, trying to teach them not to lick me every time they see me because frankly it's annoying...haha...and the occasional thing...I'm trying to relax, get as much sun as even possible and just feel free. Pictures will follow as soon as possible. Though until then I can always use the net for inspiration. :)

I am definitely not in the internet mood so although I'm posting this today, and although I'm constantly tweeting or facebooking (I'm sure I just made this word up) I do not read any blogs. :( I feel bad. The number of unread blog posts is freaking me out but it's okay. Life is sometimes more important than that. ;) I am trying though to go back and read some, and comment. Hopefully. I'm using my friend's computer, so whenever I have time I'm going to spend some early morning hours reading your awesome posts!!!! :)

Until then...happy sunny Thursday!!
Can't believe it's already December, already Thursday and wow....can't believe I'm literally spending time down here in Orange County!!! YAY. :) I do have to say though I miss Ventura big time!!!! :) Hopefully I'll make it up there in the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

♥ Selma ♥


Krystal said...

say hello to target for me!!!!!!

samnhal said...

Oh target, you can't not love that store...unless your my husband and don't want to go there just because I always want to go there.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad you're having a great time already!!

Meghan said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful and relaxing time! Enjoy!

OceanDreams said...

Whohoo for the OC, so glad you made it there lady and don't feel bad about not reading blogs, you enjoy that sunshine! xoxo!


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