December 22, 2010

Wednesday Storm Alert

Last night I didn't get much sleep.
Maybe my brain was still occupied from some fun time out with the girls...we watched (finally!!) Tangled, and also Yogi Bear. To make that evening even better...our tickets were refunded and we got extra movie passes for a next time. Let's just say I love my friend M. for being brave enough to complain every time something weird happens. It has its advantages sometimes. Yay!!! 

I also think that the recent rainstorms, and flood warnings have made it almost impossible for me to sleep. It's said that people sleep better when it rains. Maybe. I have to sleep first and then the rain can start, not the other way around. So, I did not get much sleep last night and I can feel that. Can I take a nap now?! Hmmm....nope. The dogs keep me awake, and I needed to wrap gifts, and in an hour or so we're about to bake some cupcakes or something. Cannot wait (insert sarcasm)!!! Oh well...

Let's hope the rain really stops today. They said it would. I believe it when I see it.
My shoes and my jacket are still wet...the dogs smell weird (yuck!), and the only good thing about this awful weather is that I can finish the chores at home...including the nap time, and TV time. Maybe.  ;) Hahaha.

Tomorrow night there's this Christmas event that we're thinking to attend. It's where we live and it's supposed to be fun with foods, drinks, games, music and snow. Fake I'm sure but it's gonna be snow. ;) Cannot wait.

Christmas Eve we're planning on cooking, going to church, and just enjoying some quality family time. :) Christmas Day...maybe some fun outside of Los Angeles?! We'll see. We're pretty spontaneous this week. But for New Year's? We cannot be that spontaneous...we need to plan ahead and the plan we had went down the tube a long time ago. :) Hope we find something else to do or go to.
Any ideas?! 

To end this little post today...all I wish for Christmas is sunshine!!!
I think I see some blue sky now...finally!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

♥ Selma ♥


Elle Sees said...

i hope it shines brightly for ya!
i couldn't sleep last night either.
ps--giveaway on my blog if u haven't entered already.

Courtney said...

hope the sun comes your way soon! :) merry christmas!

Swissy said...

Hey girl, I just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. I heard of the rain in Cali.
Here it's going to rain tomorrow morning and then snowing in the evening ;)
Have a good one.

Sierra said...

I'm so glad it is sunny now, the rain was unbearable even though I know it is good for our earth to get some rain now and again. Glad you had a nice Christmas, have a lovely New Year girl!


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