December 10, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

Wow, an entire week passed by. Scary.
Well, hope you're all doing fine. I'm doing marvelous.
Soaking up the sunshine, shopping, eating delicious (mostly Persian) food, organizing stuff, clearing my's just perfect vacation time. :)

Yesterday I had a little scare there for a second or whole minute or two...I thought I'd lost all my pictures. Hello? Are you kidding me beautiful pink camera? What game are you playing? Seriously. I thought I would die right there. It told me I had only taken 7 pictures, and that I only was allowed to take 48 more. So not possible. I know I could take up to 4000 if not more, depending on the size, and I also knew I took more than just seven photos. You should have seen me. I almost swallowed on my gingerbread latte. 

I fixed it though and I have my 400-something pictures back and can take 3000 more. Thank you. 

Shoe shopping is a horrible thing these days....after having my nails done, my hair put back into shape it was time to find some cute shoes. Oh yes I did. However, I didn't buy any. Why? Well, I have some ankle issues. It's mainly the skin around my right ankle that is super sensitive so any shoe that comes even close to that area - as beautiful as it may be - is a no go. As huge as South Coast Plaza may be it's not going to a help to me because my ankle sucks. :(  So, off I go again today....maybe I have better luck.

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. :) 
This means three day of partying. Yes, three days.
Today, tomorrow and then Sunday.
Today it only means going out at night, watching a movie around 11pm, tomorrow it's her day and we are trying to pamper her as much as even possible, and Sunday...well, she wants to see a movie (Tangled), and do some sightseeing because I know L.A. better than she does. And who's been not living here for the past let's say very sad five years?! Oh well. We'll do some crazy sightseeing then. And I'm gonna show her my avenue too. :) Yes, there's a Selma Avenue. :) 

So wish us luck!!!
Birthday weekend it is!!!
I'm already stressed thinking about it. :)

Though for today, I decided to go online (and not just check emails and facebook or twitter) and oh boy, my reader hit the four digit number there and I do not know how I will ever go through all of these blogs. ;)

Either way, it hit me because today is Friday...and well I decided to play along at Lauren's little Fill in the Blank Friday fun. So here it goes:

1.   I wish    I would have a bit more than just a million dollars so I didn't have to worry too much, nor think about school four hundred times before I apply or so, and of course besides the million dollars I also wish to have a steady job with perfect income.

2.  Yesterday I   went shopping at the mall, and I was shocked that my friend bought more than I intended. She hardly shops at malls, let alone in those stores that I went to...but oh boy, she bought, I frowned. ;)

3.  Today I will     watch TVD, clean up, relax, go shoe shopping again and start the birthday weekend with lots of energy. :)

4.  Tomorrow I will    see what life has in store for all of us, because it's not my day, it's going to be my friend's day. And if you haven't noticed, birthdays are special to me.

5.  Maybe     I'm going to push myself to drive up to Ventura next weekend. I know I should, I'm just way too lazy these days.

6.  Someday     I want to get married, have kids, live in a nice neighborhood and enjoy having two dogs around me. Especially around the holiday time I get a little emotional thinking about what I could have right this second and still don't. :(

7.  I love    waking up to sunshine, drinking coffee in the morning and just getting the day started. :) Very simple I know  but it's the little things that usually make the top of my list! :)  .

That was it. :)
Loved it.
To play along simply hop on over to Lauren's blog. :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!!!!


♥ Selma ♥


Marah said...

beautiful blog!

i'm your newest follower from fill in the blank friday.

i look forward to reading more. i'd love for you to come by my blog and follow back.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck on the shoes!! I hope you find a great pair! Have a wonderful time celebrating your friends Birthday!

samnhal said...

Can I be your nice neighbor and we can walk our dogs together? Oh, I bought a pair of shoes today for a wedding, and I got them for MEGA cheap! I'm excited. Hope your weekend was full of partying.

Krystal said...

sounds like it was a good choice to go and that you are having fun!

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