December 20, 2010

I'm singing in the rain...

...I'm literally singing in the rain!!!

Seriously, I haven't seen so much rain in months. Rain here is different than in Europe. ;) Love it though but I can't stand it anymore. It's a bit too much. We can't really walk the dogs because they don't like it and wet dogs don't really smell good either. :( However, it's what it is and by Thursday things will clear up and be nicer and brighter. :) Yay.

How was your weekend?!

Hope you all had fun.

Mine was spectacular. :)
On Saturday we woke up early to do some shopping at TJMaxx, Kohl's, Michael's and such...and out of nowhere the guys wanted to go to Palmdale. So yeah, we ended up driving (in the rain) up north and instead of like an hour it took us two and a half hours to get there. Luckily we had stopped by a very nice market and got tons of food and drinks. :) The rain wouldn't stop but Los Angeles gets somehow more beautiful when it rains and the fog surrounds the hills...just breathtaking. :) 

The night ended up with all of us watching Due Date, and then heading home at 1am. Why we didn't stay is beyond me. On our way home we stopped in Encino, had a second dinner at around 2.30am (and yes, there's the Spot!!!), and we then made it home by 5.30am. It was worth the trouble. 

Sunday we slept in till noon or 2pm, depending on how you look at it. Us girls went quickly shopping when the guys wanted desperately to go to the mall. Yes, you read right. We weren't at the mall but they called us while we were browsing through Ross this time and begging us to pick them  up so they could go the mall. Hmmm...what is wrong with this picture???! 
The second we were in the car ready to drive home they called and told us that they didn't want to go the mall anymore. Thankyouverymuchguysyousuck!!!! Nonetheless we decided to hit the road, pick up my friend's brother and go have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen just because it was located in front of the IMAX. :) That, and our trip to some stores, were on our to-do list for Sunday...the guys getting on our nerves not so much. Oh, the movie was 3D movies, no matter what kind. And TRON was fabulous!!! :)

My weekend was busy.
Today is Monday and well, all I'm doing is laundry and watching TV and soon getting ready for a Xmas party!!! Yay!!! Will wear my new shoes. For sure. Even in this ugly rain. It's a must!!!! Wish me luck. 

Off I go now...I need to catch up on lots of blog reading!!!!!

♥ Selma ♥


Annie said...

sounds like you had such a great weekend hun and you sound so happy!! :)
enjoy your new shoes and a relaxing day!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like you're having a great time out there and enjoying yourself. Hope the rain doesn't get too bad!

Tanja, Herbert + Kinna von Ducati said...

I really hate the rain - and this time it's way too much! Shopping is almost the only thing that helps in this situation! Way to go, girl!
"Bummer" that the worst part will hit us on Wednesday before it's finally getting better on Thursday!
Enjoy your time!

Unknown said...

Selma, guess what! I found my shoes, and my mother-in-law bought them! I'm so excited to get them, I really hope that they're worth all of the trouble of finding them. I've heard that LA has had crazy rain. It came here in the form of snow, but it isn't warm enough for it all to really last, which is boo I think. it's the week of Christmas, the only time I want snow.


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