September 2, 2011

Have a Saxobeat Weekend!

Hello! It's Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog again! Selma asked me to keep you all entertained over the weekend so here I am!

Recently Selma has got me addicted to European music. I've always had an interested in Asian music, believe it or not, but when Selma introduced me to the song Saxobeat, I was hooked. It's such a catchy song and so much fun! My mom and I are in Montana right now and we totally had a blast singing this song in the car on repeat, I might add! Plus you can catch her accent, which is amazing by the way, so it made the song even better.
So of course I'm going to share a video of the song for you, but I'm also going to show you some pictures of Alexandra Stan, the artist. She's gorgeous!
Alexandra is an artist from Romania and she's only 22. Her first album, called Saxobeats, will be out this September. I'm most definitely going to buy it and Selma - you need to as well! ;)

I thought this would be the perfect song for me to send you out this holiday weekend. Go and have some fun because summer is coming to a close. The official video is such a fun story because she gets thrown in jail and has to figure out how to's great! Go and check it out.

I was having issues embedding the video since Blogger updated the new compose interface so instead to watch the video click LISTEN to go to head on over to YouTube to listen to it yourself.

If you want to learn more about Alexandra, here is her official website. So what do you think of the song? If you don't like it at first, give it time. It totally grows on you, seriously! Thanks so much Selma for getting me hooked on this song! ;)


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Thank you girl. :) Love this post, and I'm glad you like the song. :) You did good research...I just knew she was somewhere from in Eastern Europe...haha! ;)

And I told you, it's my ringtone. :) Hehehehehehehe!!

Thanks again.
I'm so behind blogging and reading and all. :D Thanks again Sierra.

Happy weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo i really like this song. thankyou for introducing it.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

We loved Australian music when we were there! I should try European :)

Vale @ Fashion and Cookies said...

I love this kind of music, it keeps me happy hehe =)
Very nice blog, if you want we could follow each other, let me know if you follow my blog and I will surely follow back !

Fashion and Cookies

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh fun, I love this kind of music!

Punctuation Mark said...

that is a great song! hope you're having a great weekend!

Kumiko Mae said...

i love her makeup!

Ocean Dreams said...

Oooh I'm a bad blogger. Guess I didn't respond on this one - but I'm all caught up on your blog now, he he! You are very welcome and if you need another guest post you know where to find me!! Listened to this song yesterday by the way before heading out for bday dinner. LOVE it and I think I'm obsessed with capitalizing LOVE tonight, he he.


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