September 15, 2011

Happy Fall!

September 15th, literally marks the beginning of fall for me. Normally I'd say it's September 1st, but I changed it to 15th. Mid-September feels closer to October and November. So yes,


Do I sound excited? I better.
I love this season. I just wished there was real fall weather here in California. Although I have to admit, winter here feels more like fall to me or what fall should be or how I always wanted fall to be. Whatever, I'm sure you get my point. I love the colorful leaves, the cooler breeze, the sweater season!
And of course, duh, Halloween!

What's your favorite thing of fall season?!

For me it's mainly the warm days with a light cooler breeze, and the sun still warming your skin when you sit outside. The fact that you're wearing a sweater and sipping on a warm drink but not start sweating because what you wear and drink works perfectly together is one amazing feeling.

And what I'm looking forward to is Pumpkin Patches!
They don't really exist in Europe, so finally having moved back here I am counting down to go to one. Just one. Please?!

Now the question which one?!

Anyone know "the" best in the Los Angeles area?! I'm leaning towards two.
Just want to know your input if you got one. Thanks in advance.

I am clearly excited!!
And it's only mid-September. What is October going to be like?!

♥ Selma


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

You are so funny! Why don't you wait one more week and then it really will be fall! (Sept 23rd starts the fall equinox I think...)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I want to like fall. Because it's gorgeous (your photos here are proof) and I love curling up with a pumpkin latte on a chilly night, reading mystery novels. Hehe.

...but fall always reminds me that winter is coming. And winters in Missouri are filled with snow, freezing temperatures, and misery. I'm torn. Lol.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Exactly! In So Cal winter is like fall and fall is like a mild summer. I hate not having a real fall but then again we have amazing weather so I can't complain too much.

You HAVE to go to Knott's Scary Farm since you're in the OC!! Have you ever been? I go every year. I love being scared though :)

Amy Rene said...

LOVE pumpkin patches!! I'm going to have to go to one soon!

Dree said...

I love fall! I totally know how you feel about pumpkin patches in Europe - I miss them so. I have to agree with you about the sweater/hot drink combo. I also love layering blankets and sipping hot cocoa while sitting in front of a big fire. Fall is my favorite season!

Please, please take pictures of your trip to the pumpkin patch. Let me live through you!

Malin said...

Happy fall/autumn! Though as I said before - not ready yet!!! Luckily we're having some pretty awesome, warm days here in London. (I suppose it may qualify as fall most places - but to me it's like the summer we never had!)

Christianna said...

I love fall as well. Even though I'm central Cali and not SoCal, we don't really get a fall fall either. My favorite things are getting to layer my clothes, bring on the leggings, sweaters, scarfs and hats! Oh and I love when it rains!

It's great that you are so excited for fall. It's so beautiful in Cali, even if it's not full out!

Kristin said...

Fall is my favorite! Three words...pumpkin spice latte!

Justina F. Lee said...

Winter in Vancouver can be gloomy. We all have to find escape by winter sports, which is great, but again, winter here is gloomy :(

Ashley said...

Pumpkin Patches are definitely a fall must. I enjoy carving pumpkins. And it's all about the scary movies on halloween night :)

A Cup of Sparkle said...

I feel like I need more summer.. I liked the fall better if Seattle did get more sun. :)
Have a good fall to you and good luck with your schooling.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

At least you'll be able to hit up a pumpkin patch and celebrate Halloween!

Ocean Dreams said...

Oooh we totally need to find a pumpkin patch. That would be so much fun! Leeann is right - Knotts Berry Farm is fun, but the rides - no can do. However it's fun to go and be scared. They are super duper crazy though. Trust me, lol.

Yaaay - fall! I know CA doesn't have official seasons. To suffice I will take pictures for ya of my colors. xoxo.


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