December 3, 2011

"Do you lye crytol gel?"

Ok, folks, let me tell you one thing...
Today is one of those day that I cherish, appreciate, and love my life as of this moment and my life in southern California. There are times I don't (let's be honest, we all do!!), there are times that I feel incredibly homesick, and there are times I just want to hug everyone around me. 
Today is one of these days. I had fun. I went out and about and maybe drank a few drinks too many (whoops!!),  and just had a blast!! I finally (and by finally I really mean finally!!) saw Anjelah Johnson. If you are not familiar with her, that's okay, but just know you are missing out big time!!! Luckily fate was on my site and I purchased two tickets at the right (or helped someone in need out), and voila...I had a blast. Granted, I froze my butt off while waiting outside (darn this awful California weather these days!), but at the same time was happily sipping on my Chai Latte. Yay!!! Best time to enjoy some warm beverage anyways...

...and now, scary Sunday is around the corner. Sadly. I have to study like hell to get at least a B on my freakin' math exam tomorrow. No way will I ever get an A in this class. 
What is wrong with me? Why am I pushing myself through school again? Will it really help me feel more accomplished, more satisfied, and even smarter? Who knows. Seriously.
At least I am here, and I am living life...that is all that counts. Sometimes you just gotta do all this....and sometimes, as worthless as it may look to you and even sound to you it is all worth the wait, the trouble, the struggle, the is worth it!!! 

I feel blessed, do you?!

Happy weekend everyone.
So sorry I've been MIA lately...I feel I'm missing out on a lot...but hey, I have less than two weeks. One paper due, and all my finals scheduled for the 14th. Can it be any more awful? Oh, and my friend's birthday is coming up too. I know what we are gonna do that weekend, and I don't have to look for a birthday gift anymore. Our fun night out tonight was worth every penny! Thank you. But I'll be in big trouble figuring out what to do and how to juggle school and fun and life and well, me. Haha!

Wish me luck!



Amy Powell said...

so glad to hear you had fun! hope that rolls over into studying a bit. good luck & glad the semester's done soon :) I miss you online!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sending you lots of good luck wishes!

Christianna said...

Glad you got outta the house and had a blasty blast! Sounds like things are coming together, yay!

I got your e-mail, I'll reply later! And don't worry about it! Thanks for asking your mom!

Mara said...

oh Selma you seem so happy! Even in the midst of all this crazyness with school you seem really great :) As hard and time consuming as school is sometimes it is SO worth it. And guess what? You're going to be wearing some super cute shoes to class! (you won the Blowfish giveaway!!) Email me lady :) xox

Ocean Dreams said...

Yaaay glad you had fun at the IMPROV and so sorry I forgot to ask how it was! Sounds like you had fun.


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