December 13, 2011

What I have been up to!

So my has been a while and I know I am a bit slacking off here with posts. However, life happens, and life should happen outside this world and I am absolutely fine with not posting every single day. You should be, too. Just saying.

Well, December has been a crazy month so far. Finals, Christmas preparations, birthdays,'s been interesting to say the least. And sometimes, I just have to say "no, I can't!!!". I even turned down a fun opportunity to meet fellow bloggers last week for a fun fashion/tv event (see posts by them here, here, and here). I simple couldn't go due to some heavy exam I could not postpone. I was bummed, but hey, it was okay. Sometimes you just got to say "no", even though deep down you want to say "heck yeah!". And sometimes, you just got to have good timing and a bit luck on your side as well. Yes, I was bummed I couldn't go that day, but when I got home that night (all drained from weird numbers and stuff) I received an email telling me I won a giveaway! YAY. Finally is all I can say. :) I'm telling you, as crazy as December has been so far it's been good too. 

Here are some pictures that prove I am still alive.

What a fun night we had...touching the stage...literally! 

In the midst of all the stress, at some point I managed to go to Laguna Beach and enjoy the sunset. I still don't remember why I went but really, is there a reason NOT to go to a beach and look at how the sun sets? It was a romantic night. Very much so. I was just stuck alone. Oh well.

And yeah, sorry no pic of me. I had a very ugly hair day week, heck even month. The only person that saw my new hairdo at some point was Erin. I think she liked it, huh?! It wasn't as horrible then. Haha! It's gotten worse. It just needs to grow back really really fast!!!

Who knows, next time I share some short hair pic of me...maybe! ;) 
Stay tuned.

Happy almost mid of December everyone!


Brianna said...

Hate when school gets in the way! ;) still looks like you had some good fun times in between though!

Dree said...

I'm so glad that you were able to take breaks now and then to enjoy yourself. That drink looks divine! Nothing better than a trip to the beach when you're stressing! I'm rooting for a short hair pic!

Swissy said...

hey there girl, glad to hear you're doing fine and enjoying your time over there (despite the exams, hehe).

it's been so windy and rainy here. not christmassy at all. Buuuuuut, they said it's going to snow this weekend. we shall see ;)

have a good day.

Christianna said...

I'm glad that you have been getting out there! Looks like you've been having fun. Saying no is never a bad thing, sometimes you just have to! And congrats on winning a giveaway! Yay!

Unknown said...

Are you finally done with finals? I hope so, they're so stressful. That beach looks amazing. I'm going to the beach for New Years, I'm SO excited.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I hope you get to meet up with some fellow bloggers soon (aka me!!) lol Enjoy the break lady!

Sierra said...

Laguna Beach looks gorgeous - glad you were able to enjoy the sunset. I got my own Laguna sunset the other day too. :)


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