January 5, 2012


Hey y'all!!!

How has this new year been for you so far?
I hope you started it beautifully and are enjoying life and love and everything else.

My old year (the day of the 31st!) ended with a fabulous get together with my bestie Sierra and my other bestie from Philadelphia. We had tons of fun exploring areas we either had heard of or had known existed but never had a chance to even visit or go/drive through. It's always the same. Tourists know more about our the city we live in than we do. Sadly. But I think we covered everything on my friend's list that she desperately wanted to see or drive through...and if not...we shall cover all that next time she's in town!!

I have also taken pictures while my friend A. visited sunny southern California and I'll share them soon. So stay tuned. I promise I'll share them.

However, right now all I want is rest and find my little path on this blog world again. I have been a bit missing in action which can be indeed a relief for a while...but to be honest, and we all agree on that I know that much, I missed blogging. I missed reading your entries and following your fun adventures, or not (!), or just reading about new decoration, life events and what not. My daily inspiration reading was neglected and now I am hoping to catch up on everything!

Then again, school is back in session next week (yuck!) and I hope I find some downtime to entertain you all.

Now here's a little question for you my lovely readers (old or new)...is there anything in particular you would want to hear more about, read more about, or so? Let me know. There are moments in my life I feel I have nothing to share or talk about (although again I have to say there's really no such thing as a writer's block!), but if there's something you'd think would be awesome for me to share or write about let me know. I'm open for suggestions.

With that being said...let me pop in two more aspirins and sleep.
If you are following me on twitter, you know I've been having a huge headache today and it seems to go nowhere. I even left the living room and headed to my room so I can quietly stay sane and not cry all the time because this stupid head is having issues today. I'm telling you, loud noises and even people talking is not the best thing right now.



samnhal said...

Headaches are the worst. I've found that out from sweating and being dehydrated, headaches come on so quickly when you're not drinking enough. Hopefully yours finally went away!

Christianna said...

I hope your head feels better. Nothing worse then a bad headache! Glad to hear that your NYE was a blasty blast!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Boo! Hope you feel better!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hope you're feeling better!

And yay for 2012! Hope it's amazing for you :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, I used to get migraines and now any headache makes me scared it'll turn into something horrible. Hope you're feeling better!!

Dree said...

Oh no, I hope that your headache goes away! There is nothing worse than an awful headache.

I am so glad that you're coming back! But I'm a big believer in, if it isn't enjoyable for you, don't do it. So blog only as often as you can! As for what to talk about, I personally love reading anything. Amazing days, awful days, good books, something that's on your mind - anything!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think this has been THE month of headaches! Hope you're already doing way better!


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