February 27, 2012

Interior Spaces with Focal Points that Enthrall

While Selma is taking some tests this week I am {just this Ocean Dreamer} taking her blog hostage (again). Thanks bestie! Be sure to wish her good luck - it's stressful taking tests and I know she's trying her hardest. But wishing her good luck would definitely boost her spirits, so good luck my sweet friend!

Since interior design seems to be something that always makes readers happy, I thought I'd do yet another interior design inspiring post. This time I decided to do it on interior designs that have defining focal points. I'm talking interior spaces where you take a look at the design and you're like wow, now that's a room/dining room/bathroom I'd kill for. I feel this way sometimes when I'm browsing Pinterest, Elle Decor, or a similar site. I just have to stop for a minute and truly gawk at the interior picture on my computer screen. I wish it would poof and appear in my own bedroom. So that you get my meaning, here are some daring focal points and spaces that I want right this minute.
Rustic meets beauty thanks to gorgeous lavender pillows in this graceful interior. I love how the wood ties in with the purple cushions so flawlessly. This tells us that a cabin can turn into something that's romantic with a little bit of tender loving care in an interior such as a living room.
If you're as much as a I fan as I am of Hollywood Regency spaces, this is the right picture to fantasize over. The stunning chandelier, lovely patterns, and faux fur pillows make this room complete. I would say the chandelier makes a bold focal point with its unique design and elegance.
What about crisp white sofas? Modern and minimalistic, this room is chic and contemporary. I love the black and white influences with the clock on the wall - very soothing and classy.
Going back to playful and fun patterns, this bedroom has fantastic purple and white colors. What I love about this space the most is how wonderfully the paper lanterns and bird picture that are placed in-between the beds seem to tie the entire room together. This is a gorgeous interior that has provides life and comfort all in one space. I wish my dorm room would have looked like this when I was in college.
And since Selma and I both are ocean dreamers, I thought I would leave you with this magical bedroom overlooking the ocean. Whether this is a vacation home or a bedroom on a boat, I really don't care. The fact that this bedroom is dreamy and surrounded by the ocean - isn't this the best focal point on the planet?! I think so.

Selma loves purple so if you didn't notice I tried to stick with lavender and purple tones for these inspiring interiors. No matter the color though, there is much inspiration to be found. So start planning and find a special space element that looks great as your focal point in your interior! You'll be happy every time you enter the room. :)

Don't forget to wish Selma good luck on her exams - good luck girl, I know you can do it! ;)


Kristin said...

The chandelier in that bedroom is incredible!

Ashley said...

I would DIEEEEE for that bedroom overlooking the ocean!!

Well, not die, because I'd want to experience it :)

Alexa said...

Love the purple theme bedroom. How sweet is it!

Ocean Dreams said...

Thanks girls and I would "die" for a bedroom over looking the ocean too! Thanks for allowing me to take your blog hostage again bestie! :)

Localliving.com said...

First of all, Good Luck Selma! I know you will ROCK it because you are a smart girl and you studied so hard!
Second, OMG I love the purple room, and the Ocean View.....makes me wanna go to Newport Beach, check in into one of the resorts, and check out for two days!
I do partially blame that fantasy on Selma.....she has been talking about doing something like that in Palm Springs! I would love to be outta this world for just a couple days and relax!
Love your post Girl! And we miss you. We are going to wait until you come back before we try the "Lakers" sushi rolls at that awesome restaurant!
Okay, I am boring you!
Have an awesome day!

Libby, Vintage Aplomb said...

These rooms are all so beautiful!! I especially love the wooden beams in the first room and the color scheme of the second one! :)

Ocean Dreams said...

M - thanks for your sweet comment! :) I miss you guys too and can't wait to get sushi again. ;) I know - would love to get away and hope you and S. get to get away to Palm Springs or another ocean dreamy place soon. ;) Oh and you never bore me, xoxo!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Thank you for helping me out. I took a quick minute to read this and I love it. I so want to have that ocean view room. SOON. Not sure if it's possible...but I keep my fingers crossed!

Thank you Sierra, for such a great post!

Kelly said...

I love all the purple tones!

Ocean Dreams said...

Thanks again girl, miss you!!


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