February 17, 2012

It Is Time for New Glasses

Every other year I get the itch for a new pair of eyeglasses.
I just get bored with what I'm wearing and always think I need to spice it up a little.
Even if I'm not bored with what I'm wearing I wish I not only had one
 but maybe even seven pairs so I could wear a different one each day.

My current glasses look a lot like the following and I love them a lot!

 Aren't these cute and unique?!
They are also super comfy and add such a sweet twist to my every day look.

I have to admit I have always been a contact lens girl
and thinking of wearing something other than contacts scares me.
However today, there are so many awesome choices out there that I will never
 get the feeling I am wearing something awful.
 I want to look stylish and feel happy with what I'm wearing.
Don't you?

GlassesUSA.com has awesome pairs available for everyone.
I cannot even decide which pair I should get next.

Feeling a bit vintage-y?!

The most awesome thing is that there are eyeglasses frames for any person
 with any style in any color available, and you will always find a pair that fits you!
And they are affordable!

If you are like me itching for a new pair of glasses
 GlassesUSA.com has great deals at the moment, even for prescription glasses,
and offers discounts for my readers.
Go check it out!

*Take 20% off your entire order of $80 or more and get FREE US shipping with the code: FS20
*Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses with the code Blog10

And to add some more fun!!
Try this virtual mirror!!
I'm going to try it right now...
...so much more fun to find out what frame suits you more!

Have fun!!

Tell me, do you wear glasses?
If so, are you like me always wanting more than one pair?!
Or are you more a one-pair-is-enough person?

I know I need a new pair so I am going to look for a fun new one right at this second!
Happy shopping to me and to you, too!

 {This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!}


Christianna said...

This is so fun! I wear glasses too. I for the life of me can not touch my eye ball, so no contacts for me!

I have a great pair right now, but saw another pair that I wanted. I just don't need them right now...

Denise said...

I don't need glasses but I think they are so cute! In fact I have a pair of nonprescription ones so I can wear them haha

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Great choices, I really like the last pair. I don't wear glasses but I love all the stylish pairs out there. Have a great weekend!

Ocean Dreams said...

I LOVE GlassesUSA. I need get myself a pair soon and loved this post girl! ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Did you "try on" the glasses?! So much fun!!


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