May 30, 2013

Going to Europe

Hey everyone.
Remember me? I cannot believe that I have been absent or not fully around for a long time. I miss reading your stories and catching up on what is going on. My finals are all over, and I am waiting on one class to tell me whether or not I actually would be nice if that happens today. Please!!!

In other news, I am leaving for Europe this weekend. It's a little weird knowing that I will be away again for the summer. I did not plan this. However, my mom needs me and so I am going. I will miss my friends and family here dearly. California is my home now and it is difficult for me to acknowledge this fact as I am packing for the summer. Also, Europe is not really experiencing summer at the moment, so I'm not sure what to think of that. Knowing this makes leaving harder, but not as hard as a few other things. Not sure how I'm going to survive two months but they will make me I just sound like a song. ;)

In other second news, I'm officially gluten intolerant. The only thing (and I'm so happy about it) that does not bother me as much is soy sauce. I am beyond happy. I can still eat my Sushi. :)  And I will tonight!

But yes, that's about it for right now.
I've been beyond busy lately and I simply could not open my computer and blog, too. Life happened. And quite frankly, it was nice to have a break from everything. Very nice! 

I will be in this town here for the next few will be a good way to relax and reconnect with friends.

Apparently I have to bring the sun with me. It's been raining non-stop there...they even had snow two weeks ago. So not ready for cold weather.


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Unknown said...

What town is that? It looks gorgeous! Well I'm glad that you learned that from going gluten free for lent. And thank goodness soy sauce doesn't bother you too much. I had some sushi last night and thought of you.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Safe travels! Sad I won't see you this summer, but at some point we will plan something :)

Ashley said...

So it turns out I'm not going to Istanbul in June :( The tickets were WAY too pricey. I should have bought them before! I waited too long...


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