May 9, 2013

The Color Run

This weekend I'm going to be colored all over again!!
I'm definitely excited. I did it last year and had a blast, so naturally, we decided to go again.

It is Color Run time!
And yes, I'll be power-walking...and not running. I wanna get some color in my hair too. ;)

Who has done this before and who hasn't?
I can't believe I'm doing this for a second time.

Last year's update can be read HERE.
I'm sure you recognize a few blogger ladies in the photos: Leeann, Kat, Tiffany, and Meg.

Cannot wait. This time with different people, but it will be a blast regardless.
Miss you girls!!


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Meghan said...

Ahh! Good luck! I did the Color Run here in Chicago a few months ago and it was SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to see pics!

Shelley said...

I didn't know people power walked. I could do one then! :)

Sam M said...

sooooo fun! I really want to do a color run, especially after doing the color festival. I'm excited to see pictures.

Amy Powell said...

have tons of fun!!! summer is almost here :) yay!


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