July 5, 2013

Istanbul Recap #3 - more pictures

I promised you more photos and I'm delivering more. ;) 

My love for Istanbul or Turkey in general cannot be summed up with words or photos but it's a start. I have to admit I have a love-hate relationship with that place. On one hand, I hate it because it's dirty, loud, full of stray animals, has beggars, too big (hello 20 million people!!??? in one city!), but on the other hand it's more than just phenomenal because it's dirty, loud, full of stray animals, has beggars and is too big. The fact that poor and rich live next doors or that the veiled and the sexy-elegant dressed women walk next to one another is another fabulous vision I long for when I think of Istanbul. It's all that and much more. I can't wait to go back again.

But let's not write more...let's look at photos...shall we?

This little kitty is ours. Well, not really. She once belonged to a neighbor living one floor below us and when he left he left the cat behind. Another neighbor took her in, and they happen to live right next to us. So she's almost ours. ;) She's fat and who knows how old and only loves me and my cousin. She can't stand my mom or aunt. We call her PasPas because she's so huge and chubby...and PasPas means door mat. :( I know, we aren't nice when it comes to giving names.


Well, ladies, you walk into my picture taking then you end up on my blog. Whoever you are, know you aren't exactly loved by me but I tolerate you as you should tolerate me when we both walk down the street. Don't give me the stinky eye. If you do you get a nastier one back. Just saying. All happened, I'm not making it up.

Istanbul, as every year in June, had its Shopping Festival going. Lots and lots of stuff for sale...and lots of stuff to choose from. I was in heaven. So, this Hello Kitty "bag" is promoting it and at the same time telling everyone that there's a Hello Kitty restaurant/cafe and shop further down the street. Nice.

My drinks...what can I say?! I am after all Turkish.
I never said no. And the new alcohol law in shops and restaurants was, well, not acknowledged.

 Randomness. A lamb ready to be sacrificed and a random blue building. 

he European side and it's tourist buses, some traffic, and a view you hardly ever get to see with your own eyes. I had to take this shot. The Galata Tower can be seen in the back - another one of those famous sights of Istanbul.

I posted this on facebook saying I wanted those pants. I still do. I was just in awe with her outfit. Not only is it cute, it's fabulous and wrong on so many levels at once. It looks like pj pants and maybe it is, but she's wearing it so elegantly it's freaking me out. Plus, I have the same shoes (and hello...they are comfy and very much en vogue in Turkey - I had to buy a pair and I don't regret it at all). and want her bag. Ha! The cigarette in her right hand adds some character too. I just love it. Fashion hunts on one of the most expensive shopping streets in Turkey/Istanbul/''Europe'' was so much fun.

I'm gonna leave you at this for right now and wish you a great weekend.
One more photo update follows soon :)


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Alexa said...

Hey Selma! Wow love these glimpses into Istanbul. It sounds like a city that I would love to visit someday. Gloriously imperfect. I can't get over those owl pants either...she looks like she's totally owning that look! Hope all is well with you!

Ashley said...

What's the new alcohol law in Turkey?


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