July 17, 2013

Ocean Love

Living in California made me fall in love with the ocean. There's really no explanation worthy of my words and your thoughts that would ever describe how I feel when I hear the waves clash or when I sit in the sand looking out on the endless horizon in front of me. It's like me living a different life in that particular moment, or just me feeling at peace, or me simply finding tranquility amidst the regular craziness in my life. 

So, today, while walking home from my eye appointment holding my free vanilla latte in hand (screw the gluten free stuff) my iPod randomly picked songs that were either titled something with ocean, water, sea, drown or something in that category. It's a gloomy and hot day today so listening to songs that reminded me of California and the ocean made me smile. People probably thought I was nuts walking around with a huge smile on my face but I did not care.

A drop in the ocean  
A change in the weather  
I was prayin that you and me might end up together  
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert 
But I'm holding you closer than most, cause you are my heaven

by Ron Pope - A Drop in the Ocean

Lately, I'm on a listen-to-all-kinds-of-music kind of trip. It's nice. I rediscovered my old CDs from when I was in junior high all girlie loving boy bands, and hanging posters up in my old room of heartthrobs of all kinds of bands. I found those CDs and laughed hard. I no longer am a teenager and I no longer fall head over heals for artists I see on posters and wish to put those posters on my walls. I am a grown up woman loving good lyrics, beats and sounds. 
So lately especially yesterday and today, I'm on a Jay Ollero kick. If you haven't heard of him you are missing out. How I heard of him? I met him and he gave me his CD. Personally. Really, I'm not kidding here. I simply didn't mind. Maybe he wanted to get rid of his CD after a concert and handed it to me and my two friends but oh boy, his music isn't ''mediocre" as he called it himself that night. Nope. It's different, yes, but that makes it special and in my opinion perfect and quite fantastic. My favorite song so far? 
Drown. Of course it's got an ocean theme in there somehow.

Yeah you took me by surprise
Caught up in the rising tide
Lost at sea no coast in sight
I'm terrified

And I've got nowhere to hide

Love is deep like an ocean
And your waves throw me around
Hurts my heart when we're apart
 Feels like, feels like I'm gonna drown
So, Jay, if you ever read this...know that we are glad we met you and got your awesome CD. Thank you!

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am the worst Californian. I never make it to the beach. It's sad. I always want to then never get around to it.

Courtney B said...

What I wouldn't give to live near the ocean! Amazing!!


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