July 26, 2013

It's HOT!

Switzerland isn't really known to have sizzling hot summers. They are usually around 75 to maximum 80 degrees on a very hot summer day. This has changed over the past ten years. Blame global warming or whatever. It's happening. We all notice. It's happening all over the world. The changes here are as follows: 1) it's either very very rainy and cold, like what was happening since March until mid-June. 50 degrees and constant rain isn't fun. Or 2) it's so hot you just want to rip your skin off. The latter is happening right now. 

It's been so hot it's not even funny. California and other states, cities and what not may have had a heatwave too (and I'm just speaking US now) but heck, you guys have ACs most of the time (with a few exceptions I know). There's no AC here. There's no draft or wind or whatever here. At least not now and if there is we are usually not standing there because well, we don't know where that draft or wind actually occurs. If you were wondering if we had fans...yes we do. They usually just create more dust and muggy air.

So, without further ado...it's hot, and all I want to do is sit by my imaginary pool and relax. Or walk around in a fluffy dress.

Happy Friday my lovelies.
Hope you are having a cooler day and are enjoying ice cream or a cool drink. In a fluffy dress of course. :)

hot day outfit

Positano by Jean Paul floral print dress / Jane Norman dress / Ancient greek sandals / Jigsaw jute tote /
Ray-Ban gold glasses / Columbia hat / Hawaiian Tropic sun care / Essie nail color /

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Sam M said...

AC is a magical thing. We try not to use ours much. I feel like I should be able to survive the heat after cambodia, but sometimes it's just too hot.

Mree said...

Love love that pink dress!!
Have a great weekend!!

Best, Mree

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Stay cool! Haha that sounds like something you write in a yearbook ;)

I love your outfits. Both dresses are pretty.

Mellissa "Shia" Rondinelli said...

Loving that floral maxi!

Have a great weekend!!
World According to Shia

smk053078 said...

Try and stay cool! I am dying being back in Texas! It's like 100 degrees!! Loving both maxis, but the one on the left if PERFECTION!


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