July 19, 2013

Istanbul Recap #4

This is my last recap of lovely and fascinating Istanbul, the city that lies on two continents. There are moments that I don't even realize how lucky I am having spent time there or just having the opportunity to call that city home as well. It's so surreal at times. I enjoyed my time in Istanbul this summer, and as I am happily back in Central Europe I'm also looking forward to California again. Can you keep you at all?!

So, while I am wrapping up my summer break and start to pack for my return to California here's a few last photos that sum up my trip to Istanbul. With its ongoing struggle and protests (what is up with all those protests anyways this summer?!), it is still my favorite place to be.

I am never a tourist in this city and yet I discover new places and cafes each time I visit. Walking through the bazaar felt incredibly funny. Last time I did that was maybe ten years ago?! I don't even remember. Seeing all those gold and silver jewelry available to buy made me feel like a kid again that is looking at all the Christmas lights sparkling and glowing in the dark. Well, no need to be a kid I still jump up and down when it's Christmas time. But I digress. The above photos are all mine. It cannot get more random. My favorite? The cat, no doubt.

Below you see a random collection of photos that were available on the world wide web for everyone to see. I experienced a few of these scenarios too. I'm both, proud and disgusted. From thousands to millions trying to walk on the freeways at night to cross the bridge (which then got closed), to police forcefully entering a hotel that helped the injured and the tired, to random people standing in the middle of a sidewalk protesting in silence. This pretty much sums my Istanbul experience up.

It was one of the best experiences I had in Istanbul. I'm by no means pro protests and fighting but when it is time to say something and to change something or to hinder something bad to happen for a country that has worked hard to becoming what it is today then I am very much pro protesting and standing up for what one thinks is right. Just in the most friendly ways of course. Even though not much has been discussed in the news about the protests lately, don't be fooled. They are still going on.

To wrap my recap sessions up, here's a collage I just adore. This woman in black has become one of the ultimate symbols of the protests in Istanbul and all over Turkey. She just stood, and the police decided to start the water. If you go against someone friendly who just stands around then let me welcome you with open arms! It may look like nothing but we only see these photos. The ones that followed these are worse, and really, do we wanna see them?

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We should not forget Egypt, Syria, Brazil, and every other country fighting for democracy, for order, for a better living, and for peace. And yes, let's not forget what injustice has been changing our gigantic country as well. Gosh, why?! What is up with all these protests.



Leia said...

Ahhhh-- all your posts make me want to go to Istanbul that much more! I definitely have to make it out there one day.

The Egg said...

I've been dying to go to Istanbul!
I have a friend living there right now and I don't think they'll ever leave~

xo The Egg

Ashley said...

I love this this city.

I think one of the pictures is of erenkoy?

Unknown said...

Seriously, it's the summer for protests! that donkey statue is hilarious.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I agree with you, I'm not really pro protests but I do think that sometimes people just need to stand up for change.

P.S. I'm giving away 8 sponsor spots today, I would love for you to come and enter!


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