June 30, 2016

Book Challenge Update {2}

Happy last day of the month. Again, one month came and slipped right through the cracks. It's crazy. Today marks another three month update on my own personal reading challenge. I love books and the written word has always inspired and fascinated me at the same time. As I am, day by day, trying to find back to my happy self I am slowly easing myself into reading more. The first update I shared with you was, well, very short. I read three books. I mean, okay, one per month and I did read!! Yet normally I'd read a book in a week or maybe two weeks...so it surprised me that this tasks has been quite tedious at the moment. Yes, tedious. It's not that I need to report back to anyone on those books in time. There is no pressure. Yet, I never felt pressured to get lost in a fictional or real word all described through words. I never had an issue until last year, and now this year. I already read more than last year so I see this as a major step forward and progress!

Let's see what I have read in the past three months.

- I finished up 5 Habits of a Woman who Doesn't Quit
I started reading this during my first three months but with our book club we discussed one chapter per week and I din't want to rush. It was a book that allowed me to be me, look at my life and try to find ways to change it. I immensely enjoyed reading it because it was an easy read, spoke to myself and literally helped me look at myself from another perspective.

- Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall
This book was recommended to me by Amazon. Well, you know, the recommendations when you previously bought something? Yup, that was this one. And because it spoke to me right there and then I decided I'd order it because, well, I needed something totally different than what I have lined up in to read. It sure helped me look at my life and how I could challenge myself to work on my life and lifestyle differently. One step, each month, something new. She did it, so why shouldn't I?!

- If I Break by Portia Moore
I got it for free on my iBooks so I approached the "why not" phase in my life...I mean, if I don't try I won't know what I may like. I needed to read something else, something easy. It was an easy read but I wouldn't recommend it, unless you feel like you need to read something "cheap". It was quite boring, yet, okay to read. It didn't capture my attention though. It's definitely a great read for when you're soaking in the sun, not caring much about whether or not your book gets greasy from all the sunscreen, margaritas and sea/pool water. And apparently, there's a few more books following that story... 

Well, it's not a lot. I admit I could have done better, BUT I am reading, I am allowing myself to find happiness through the written word again. It shows progress, and a bright future. One step at a time. If I can manage to read four books by the next update I am going to be very happy! Fingers crossed.


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Hmmm, the first one interests me!


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