September 29, 2016

Book Challenge Update {3}

In all honesty, reading has been a struggle for me. I thought it would help me get over that hump I'm still stuck on and while it does help, I am still struggling. However, I am not giving up and I am working hard on finding that reading groove back. Is this just me, or has reading become a super difficult task lately. I don't want to schedule in reading time because I think that is ridiculous. I want to be content with the time I spend reading a book. It shouldn't be this hard, or dreadful. Maybe I'm reading the wrong books?! Yet, looking at my books...they're not boring and quite interesting and fascinating, so I don't know. Either way, I'm struggling but let's look at what I read in the past three months...and possibly why I read them!

Start by Jon Acuff - For months I have been a huge fan of Jon Acuff. I don't really remember how I came about finding one of his motivational speeches but I did and it intrigued me. The way he talks is so smooth, so easy to understand and relates to pretty much any aspect in life. In my small group someone mentioned this book, and while I had this in my to-read basket for months, I finally gave myself a pep-talk and purchased it. Oh I did not get disappointed. I believe that we are all responsible for our own actions, for our decisions, and what not...this book justifies this. He talks about stories, and I kept nodding and laughing throughout. Some things did not apply to me but that is okay. My mind has a great imagination {and aren't books there to help our imagination?}, so I could easily apply this to my other know, my imaginable Selma. Ha!

The Third Wave by Steve Case - Our broker sent us this book. He thought it was a great read for us. Well, B doesn't read...or doesn't feel like reading as he is reading too much for his classes anyways, so it is all me! I'm fine with that. It's not a book I would have chosen to ever read but it gives a great insight on today's world. Our "love" for the internet, social media...and how it does influence us. How it has changed and what will possibly happen in the next few decades. It's a more raw read, but I enjoyed it because it is a different kind of book...not the cheesy novels I sometimes read. Ha!

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - Always wanted to read this. Finally got a chance to read it, and that before the movie is coming out {early October, if you're interested}. Yay! I was gifted this book. A friend of mine is moving to another state and she was giving away books to lessen her moving load. Needless to say I was beyond exited. Why did I choose to read this? I love novels that are on the "must read book" list of every year. It's a way for me to check in with the world and have a conversation topic going. My Godmother got me into this. She said to read at least one book per year that is THE you get to talk with like-minded people...etc. I just never got around to read it, let alone buy it. And well, here I am. Having read this one and I liked it a lot. I usually don't read these kind of books but heck, a crazy story you can't put down...sure thing!

I have a few more that I am currently reading but since I haven't even come close to have read half of those books I won't list them here. I used to read at least two books per month. Not anymore. This is not failure on my side, this is merely me finding enough strength and willpower to read one book per month! Here's to a few more months left of this year! Can you believe it!????


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The Flynnigans said...

I still want to read The Girl on the Train before I see the movie.
You're not the only one that's had trouble with reading these last few months. My to be read pile is sky high with books I want to read but TIME.



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