March 31, 2010

I'm Weird, You're Weird, We're Weird

Aren't we all a little nuts sometimes?
Aren't we all a little out of control?
Aren't we all a little way too normal and quiet at times?
Or just not what everyone else wants us to be?

I paint my nails purple, I take loads of pictures of the most random things ever (like a cereal bowl or my new flip flops),  I wear sunglasses with a green whale stuck to the side, I talk to my foods (oh hello your cute avocado!!!), I watch TV like it's a religion, I hate cleaning but love to clean my friend's apartment so it's all wonderful, shiny and smelling like a fresh squeezed orange...and yes, I talk to myself and shop like a total maniac. I get ADD when I enter Target! For sure!!!! :) We figured this one out yesterday.

But all in all I'm very normal...haha.
I eat breakfast every day, try to get my daily coffee, read the news (online or on paper), sing when I take a shower (ha!), fight with a mouse, scream when I see it (ha!), shop like there's no time for it the next day, drink water like a crazy person (so want to stay hydrated all day long!), play with kids and little dogs, and just live life and enjoy the warmer weather!!!!!

So even though it's Wednesday I decided not to participate in Wishful Wednesday today. I'm lame, I know that. ;)  Instead I could type what I loved so far...or disliked so far...I love making lists too. :D

♥  my new flip flops and sandals
♥  my friend's cousin's baby (he's a super cutie)
♥  honey bunch of oats
♥  the weather warming up and getting rid of the rain
♥  the pork chops we made last night...yummy.
♥  online shopping (or window shopping)

-  the mouse
-  LOST (what is up with the last episode?! very disappointing)
-  last night's rain
-  my constant shopping failure (not that I didn't find anything but I didn't find what I was actually looking for!)
-  the mouse...oh I've said that already.

Glad the happy side is longer...and the not so happy side gets shorter.
Tomorrow's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait.
I am soooooooo beyond ready for spring. It's not even funny anymore.
I wanna hear the birds chirping and see the flowers blossoming all over...we might even head to an area that's full of cherry blossom trees. Can't wait.

So to sum this up...I'm as weird as you can be, so we're all weird at times and this brings us together! :D

Ok, to sum my little Wednesday Weirdness up...the mouse is still around and it's driving me crazy. I get paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!



Mara said...

oh nooo get rid of the mouse! lost was weird last night.. i don't know what to think

Katie said...

set a trap out!!!

samnhal said...

Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds = Yum Yum.

OceanDreams said...

Ohh sweetie I am weird too and I feel ya on the shopping addiction! Hope the mouse leaves you alone, thats a bit scary! XO!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I was a little disappointed in last nights Lost episode as well...

Sara said...

I am in love with the weather!

D said...

Just don't hurt the mouse! Get a friendly trap if you can.

Kristin said...

I hope you're enjoying a beautiful Spring day today lady!

Simply Me said...

i am so with you on " i talk to myself and shop like a total maniac " ... :)
and honey bunches of oats ..yummmy ..

Being weird is i guess weirdly unique .. and thats wat makes us , uniquely US ..

P.S do drop in to check out the mail scramble am hosting ..

Jen Kucsak said...

Haha LOVE this post!!!! We are all weird :)


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