March 29, 2011

Love and other things

Since I so tenderly call this week Love Week, I decided it was time again to share some love pictures. ;) I wish I would own any of these because they make me stare at them all day long...and I could write stories about each and every picture and just fall in love over and over again. Enjoy.

                                                                      Source: via Selma on Pinterest

                                                                                 Source: via Selma on Pinterest

                                                                                 Source: via Selma on Pinterest

If love would be so easy to find some of us would not be looking for it.
If love would be so easy to see some of us would not be blind most of the time.
And just because you think you found love does not mean everyone can find or see love.
And just because you think you are happy does not mean everyone else is happy too.

Oh don't get me wrong here, I'm more than just happy two of my friends are getting married. I am. We always said they would be going down that road someday and now the day has come. Yay!
What I do not like, and never will for that matter (whether or not I am single) is when people unintentionally have the need to rub it in. My husband said this or that, my boyfriend did this or that, my husband thought it would be better and my boyfriend feels it is better that way. They have a name, don't they?! And you don't have a say in anything anymore? Do you still exist somewhere there?
And please, heavy PDA is not something I signed up for. Ever. I would really appreciate it if you kept it at some decent level. Trust me, I've seen it all and I just feel it is not necessary. Now, you'd say "don't be so bitter" but it has nothing to do with that. It is what it is, and if you want to share how happy you are, say it. Because a kiss or a grab or a touch and such are all nice and good, but are not everything. I can, if I ever wanted to, fake all of those - and if I can others can too. :)

Now, I totally lost track of what I wanted to say in the first place. Don't get me wrong I love that two people found each other and are now entering a new path in their life. One day we hopefully all will. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I love everything with a lable "love" on top - but having people constantly rubbing it in is just not necessary and somewhat tacky. :( Blah.
No offense to anyone, but just this past weekend I saw so much I wanted to tear apart...I did not see love at all, I saw "fake love" all over...from young to old and it just was sad. :(

Ok, happy thoughts Selma...happy thoughts...I just had to get it off my chest.

YES, Friday is the big day and we're all excited. The gift is ready, and the weather...hopefully too. That is all we need. Nothing more. It's the first time I am truly looking forward to an April Fool's Day. :) No one's gonna fool each other then, that is for sure!

                                                                            Source: via Selma on Pinterest

Have a terrific day!


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Amy Rene said...

Ah, you're hilarious! But I totally understand about the public PDA. C & I (used his "name") actually don't show too much PDA in public. It actually freaks people out when we're OK sitting at opposite ends/sides of the table and don't have to touch all the time. So, I got your back there ;)

Have fun at the wedding!! Can't wait to see what the rest of your "love week" brings.

Anya Rudn said...

Hehe silly!
Cute pics!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Such cute pics =-)

Swissy said...

lol, you're right! I can't stand it, especially if I know "the husband", and the girls refer to him as "my husband"....I mean he's got a name and I know it?!?! Arrgghh...

We're def. out of this age when you have to be all over each other in public...plleeaase noone wants to see your tongue sticking into your gf's mouth. yuck ;)

Swissy said...

oh, and have fun at the wedding. I'm sure it will be great!

Kori said...

Adorable photos... I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday honey! I posted twice today, so hopefully you can stop by! Kori xoxo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You picked perfect pictures for this post! love it!

Heather Pranitis said...

These are great photos. And I love the post, I like your candor. And thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments. I'm a follower of you now. :)

Krystal said...

I agree with the whole usage of the term "husband" they DO have a name and i always use it...that drives me kind of crazy too!

Jennifer M. said...

I totally agree. One of the most frustrating shopping trips I've ever been on was with 3 of my married friends. They kept giggling and saying, "Do you think my husband would notice if I put one more charge on his credit card??" No one seemed to care that I not only didn't have a husband, but also didn't have someone else's credit card to abuse. I actually had to conserve my money so that I could pay for rent that month. So annoying... totally ruined the day for me.

OceanDreams said...

he he LOVE week and I love that you are labeling it LOVE week. Love you girl!!


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