March 1, 2011

I Am Ready?! Are You?!

I am sure you are not.
Unless you live in the same city, or close by, and do feel the fever.
The annual fever that welcomes us all with more or less open arms, charms us, betrays us (maybe), intrigues us every time, leaves us in awe or shame, and storms our hearts...the fever called the official fifth season. Yes, you read right...the fifth season, the season only some people feel and live. I feel it every year, sometimes more sometimes less. But it's in me and I would lie to you and me if I tried to deny it. Three times the fever didn't get to me, mainly because I was miles away...but very very deep inside I felt it, and I knew it would at some point knock on my door. And it did.

Ok, before I continue with "Once upon a time..." I better get to the point.
In two days, Thursday, March 3 at exactly 5 am, we are going to start our fifth season with well, a tiny explosion. ;) Cannot wait. I'll be up by three or maybe a tiny bit earlier and then getting ready (an early morning shower, some breakfast and lots of layers added to my tiny frame take time!), and out the door walking to my favorite spots. I'm hoping to take my camera with me again, and capturing some pictures like last year. I'm not a huge photographer, let alone not when it comes to events like these. As much as I want to share things, I also know how crazy some places get and having grown up with this fifth season it's an event I look forward to but at the same time cannot fully describe and capture in photos. This time of year needs to be felt, from beginning to end. I know I will. As always.
Moreover, I know how crazy and somewhat dangerous it can get at certain places, so I want to stay sane and safe, and not get my camera nor me into trouble. Yes, it can get dangerous at times. Seen it all, even the nasty crap. Welcome to my world, and my city. I know people that don't know about this, but it's all true. This Carnival season has lots of faces and one of them is the nasty kind everyone tries to deny, ignore and hope it won't ever appear again. But that face exists, and it's no fun.
So, wish me camera and I will have a friend and her family from Australia as well. Yes, they flew all the way from sunny and hot Sydney to lovely Luzern to feel and live this season. They grew up with it too but left it years ago for some awesome adventures abroad which is amazing. But deep within it is in their hearts and souls and well...that's why they have returned this year again. I feel blessed. So, let's not hope they make fun of my California/Illinois accent again. Has happened before. ;)

With no further blablabla from my side....
....Happy Tuesday everyone.

I'm so excited about Thursday.

Wish you were all here, so we could celebrate together! :)

both pictures from last year's event via

I'm so excited, can you tell?!
I'm definitely ready.


♥ S ♥


Krystal said...

I'm so excited to check this business out!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh that sounds fun! Have a great time!

samnhal said...

You are such a good photographer Selma, I saw your pictures from California! I'm SO excited for you, do go to this. Question, we were talking last night about Brazil's carnival, is Luzern's carnival at the same time. Is it similar...minus the crazy headdresses and sparkly thong underwear, since it's a lot colder in Switzerland than Brazil right now.

OceanDreams said...

oh i wish i was there!!! i would be picture happy too! glad you had so much fun, xoxo.


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